Drip Tape Row Crop Kit - Small

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  • William - Jun 21st 2021

    Works great, and I need more.

    I arrived all parts are there, I installed it but want to add two other sections and a 2nd timer to the other side of the house. I will have to order more parts and a 2nd timer.

  • Mary - May 29th 2021

    Everything you need

    I was intimidated to set up drip but this kit makes it super simple! I got the medium kit for my house and the small kit for my mom’s house. Everything we needed was included. One tip I have is that I prefer to fold over the end of my drip tape and thread it through a 3” piece of drip tape to plug the end of the tape. I saw it on YouTube and it is easier than using the end caps.

  • Hilary - May 29th 2021

    Drip tape has a big cut in it.

    I bought a drip line kit and got it all set up and on one of the drip tape lines there is a big slash in it and it sprays all over my garden. Disappointed.

  • Annie - May 7th 2021

    Water saving

    I’m delighted with my new drip irrigation! It saves water and puts the water where it needs to be. My neighbor has a commercial growing operation and recommended the company, both for the product and excellent, helpful people. I agree completely with her assessment.

  • Laura - Apr 14th 2021

    So easy to install

    I was intimated by the idea of putting irrigation in, but this was so simple and easy to put together. The instructions are minimal, but sufficient. Within an hour and a half we had it finished.

  • michelle - Sep 23rd 2020

    Drip tape

    The drip tape works great for my garden. It waters the garden veggies and not the weeds.

  • Amy - Aug 4th 2020

    Drip tape crop kit

    Not happy with this. There are no instructions on how to set up. Ridiculous that they can’t send paper directions. Would not recommend.

  • Richard - May 17th 2020

    Drip Tape Row Crop Kit - Small (With Timer)

    I was unsure on what I wanted and not familiar with any of the parts I would need to irrigate. This is an excellent starter kit. This kit includes enough parts to get you started and see if this is truly what you need for a garden and if you would like the kit for the price of the kit. I am getting water where I need it and not wasting the water. I am saving a ton of time from hand watering. I love the kit and ordered more drip line to finish my entire garden. Along with this irrigation kit, I ordered ground cover from a separate company and now all I have to do is watch it grow and wait for the harvest.

  • Joseph - May 7th 2020

    Better end plugs

    It works well with minor problems. Very easy to set up and waters every 18”. Our plants are really growing well with equal watering. We do have some ends that continually “blows out” and I have to go put them back on. I wish they had the figure 8 for the tape also!

  • Bruce - May 7th 2020

    Great product

    In order of personal importance: waters perfectly, quality materials, easy to install, shipped and arrived quickly (in spite of pandemic), reasonably priced. I will be looking to DripWorks for future drip irrigation needs.


Drip Tape Row Crop Kits are perfect for watering long rows and garden beds.

This small Kit includes 200' of 15 mil low flow drip tape which is enough to water up to ten 20' rows. It can be expanded to support up to 1,200' of low flow drip tape.

Easy to set up and use, the Small Drip Tape Row Crop Kit from DripWorks is an excellent choice for beginning gardeners as well as seasoned pros. This small tape kit includes everything you need to water up to 10 20' rows, based on 33" row spacing. You can expand this kit with up to 1,200 feet of low-flow drip tape.

If you want to water automatically, just add the optional battery-operated timer and connect it at the faucet. We recommend using a high-pressure hose extension to relieve the weight of the timer assembly on the faucet.

To create a tight seal, be sure tape is warm and pliable before attaching the 5/8" start fittings (LSB/LSBSO) and end fittings (LSGS/LSPLUG). If leakage continues to occur, a 1/4 turn with pliers should suffice.


  • 200' of Drip Tape
  • Filter and PSI Regulator
  • 1/2" and Drip Tape Fittings
  • Punch and Hold Down Stakes
  • 50' of 1/2" Mainline Tubing

Parts List:

  • 2 - 100' Rolls Low-Flow Drip Tape (TDE1508L100)
  • 1 - 50' Roll 1/2" Mainline Tubing (1250)
  • 1 - Home Garden Filter (FYCH200)
  • 1 - 10 PSI Pressure Regulator (PRSG10)
  • 1 - 1/2" Easy Loc Female Hose Beginning (ELFH)
  • 1 - 1/2" Easy Loc Coupler (ELC)
  • 1 - 1/2" Figure 8 End (CF8)
  • 10 - Drip Tape Row Starts (LSB)
  • 10 - Drip Tape End Plug (LSPLUG)
  • 1 - Drip Tape Coupler (LSC)
  • 10 - 1/4" Goof Plugs 1 x 10 pack (14GP2-10)
  • 1 - Punch Tool (PUPUR)
  • 20 - 1/2" Hold Downs - 2 x 10 pack (SUHD-10)

Optional Timer:

  • 1 - Galcon Bluetooth Flip Open LCD Timer (TGNLIDBT)

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