U-Shaped Wire Hold Downs

U-Shaped Wire Hold Downs

  • 10 Pack $1.49 SUHD-10
  • 100 Pack $11.95 SUHD-100

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These U-shaped hold wire hold downs are excellent for securing 1/2" tubing, 3/4" tubing, or Drip tape in place. They are easy to use, stronger than the J-Shaped Hold Downs and work well in heavy soils.

  • Galvanized
  • 6" long
  • U-Shaped

Customer Reviews

By GEORGE on 12/15/2017
These hold downs are made with very strong steel but are easy to tap into the ground. Holds our 1/2 drip irrigation hose down, covered with mulch so no squirrels etc. can dig up plus they hide it from sun damage
Sturdy Hold Downs
By Courtney on 7/26/2017
Sturdy and well made U-shaped Wire Hold Downs make securing the mainline a snap. These are slightly longer than the cheap 'landscape pins' - which help keep the hold downs in place. Good product and would recommend!
U-Shaped Wire Hold Downs
By Sandra on 6/19/2017
I purchased these to hold in place the 3/4" mainline tubing for my garden. Works great!
u shaped hold downs
By gail on 6/19/2017
These are made of very flimsy metal and bend alot when punded into the ground. Endend up throwing alot of them away after they bended. Was using with 1/2 inch imitter tubing. The last manufacturing hold downs were much stronger and worked much better. For t-tape these would probably work just fine.
Easy solution.
By Joseph on 6/18/2017
Makes it really easy to tie down the tubes.
U-Shaped Wire Hold Downs
By Katherine on 6/7/2017
I love that these hold downs come in a 100 pack as you can never have too many!!

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