U-Shaped Wire Hold Downs

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  • Rusty - Mar 23rd 2021

    U Clamps

    These clamps work well to hold down drip tubing.

  • Chris - Sep 16th 2020


    I thought these would be similar to the hold downs you get with landscaping fabric. These are much nicer and beefier, and did a fantastic job of keeping the main line where i wanted it.

  • Heather Nesbitt - Sep 9th 2020

    Home Owner

    U-Shaped wires are working great!

  • Molly M - Sep 5th 2020


    I've used non-galvanized steel U hold-downs and plastic J-shaped ones for decades, and these are far and away better than either. I needed to get two hoses pinned to the porch step so they didn't pooch out and keep tripping me, and these hold-downs caught both and set into dry hard ground with no bending. They're wider than the thin ungalvanized ones I'd had, and should be able to keep tape, pipe, and tubing down as well as control my maze of hoses. I'm almost looking forward rather than dreading putting up frost-season arches with these hold-downs to secure them. And if I ever get that pipe-frame chicken tractor built...

  • evelyn - Aug 24th 2020

    All Dripworks products are first rate.

    These do not rust like others do.

  • Joanne - Aug 7th 2020

    Indispensable Drip Irrigation Part

    These very simple metal pins are extremely useful for any drip irrigation system. Buy more than you think you need because you will use them to hold the lines where you want them.

  • Robert - Jul 19th 2020

    Great Service

    Purchased wire hold downs for 1/2" drip line. They are sturdy and arrived quickly.

  • Brooks - Jul 15th 2020


    Work well and a better price than many places that carry

  • Nick - Jun 20th 2020

    get plenty of these

    These work great and exactly as you would expect. You'll need more than you think to hold things now in all of the places where needed.

  • Michael - Jun 15th 2020

    hold downs

    These hold downs are easy to adjust and give you enough holding power for the tubing to stay in place for a long time. Also easy to re-use.


Simple and affordable, the U-Shaped Wire Hold-Downs from DripWorks provide an easy way to keep 1/2" tubing, 3/4" tubing or drip tape securely in place in your drip irrigation system. These U-shaped metal stakes are a cinch to use. Just push them down in the ground and they will do their job. The wire hold-downs have pointed ends, making it easier to penetrate even hard ground.

These U-shaped "wind stakes" are stronger than J-shaped hold-downs and are especially useful in heavy soils. We offer them in economical 10-packs, and you can save even more per unit when you purchase them in our 100-packs.


  • Galvanized
  • 6" long
  • U-Shaped

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