Gauges and Meters

If you're thinking about installing a new drip irrigation system, a drip irrigation pressure gauge can help you plan better. Gauges and meters can also track the amount of water you are using and help you find ways to run the system even more efficiently. DripWorks carries a variety of quality water pressure gauges, meters and parts to help you squeeze every last drop of efficiency out of your watering system.

We offer liquid-filled pressure gauges, which are more accurate than standard air-filled gauges. You can attach them to hose-threaded fittings to get an accurate reading of water pressure measured in pounds per square inch (or psi).

You'll find gauges here to measure psi ranging from 30 to 100. These gauges aren't meant for permanent attachment, so you should remove them after use.

We also have water meters to measure water use. Made of sturdy brass, these are the same as those rugged meters used by municipalities and utilities. In addition, we carry gauges to measure water flow as well as parts such as brass water meter unions.

To measure your flow rate, check out our Flow Estimator.