Durable and corrosion-free, PVC fittings are ideal for watering and many other uses. DripWorks stocks an extensive selection of PVC fittings, glue and accessories for drip irrigation.

Using PVC pipe fittings, drip irrigation can be economical and leak-free. Our PVC drip irrigation fittings include solid couplings, flex couplings, tees, adapters and many other styles. Connecting drip system to PVC components is a breeze with them, and they are ideal for a multitude of applications.

These high-quality PVC fittings are available in a variety of sizes. They are made of schedule 40 PVC unless otherwise noted. Use Thread Sealant Tape to make a watertight seal on all pipe thread connections.

PVC slip fittings must be secured with PVC glue . In addition to glue, we carry accessories like pipe sealant tape and PVC pipe cutters.

MPT: Male Pipe Threads (National)
FPT: Female Pipe Threads (National)
S: Glue-in slip fitting (Either a spigot or socket fitting)