PVC Repair Couplings

Have you ever had to dig up a long section of PVC pipe to repair it? These repair couplings make a tough job a lot easier. Expansion/slide couplings expand over 2" lengthwise and PVC glue into a standard PVC slip coupling . These are great for making repairs in existing lines and tight places.

If you need a drip system repair, DripWorks offers a selection of PVC repair couplings for drip irrigation. Our PVC repair fittings include lock slide PVC repair coupling you simply push into the pipe until it locks into place.

Other PVC repair fittings include compression repair coupling with water-tight compression fittings on both ends for quick and easy fixes of broken lines. Our repair coupler inventory includes products in a variety of sizes, making it easy to find what's right for your project.

Compression couplings and tees do not require glue because they have rubber seals that compress around the pipe as the end nuts are tightened.