You can tell by our name we carry equipment for drip irrigation systems, but DripWorks also offers plenty of sprinklers for overhead watering. If you prefer to water your plants and trees with sprinklers, you will discover an extensive selection of drip irrigation sprinklers for lawns, gardens and farms here.

Our lawn sprinklers typically cover a bigger area than our garden sprinklers. For larger lawns and commercial operations, check out our conventional lawn sprinklers, which cover the biggest areas. If you're looking for the most efficient way to help your grass grow, consider our matched precipitation sprinklers. They can cut water use by up to 65%, reducing runoff and waste.

If you want to water smaller areas like gardens, landscaped areas, nurseries and ground covers, check out our garden sprinklers. Press-fit sprinklers have quick-connect fittings that make them easy to set up. They provide even, uniform coverage for gardens, ground cover and greenhouse. If you have an orchard or vineyard of want frost protection, check out our pressure-compensating sprinklers. They provide a consistent amount of water for long rows and hilly areas.

If you want to take advantage of drip irrigation, sprinklers can be converted to this water-saving method with our all-inclusive drip sprinklers conversion kits.