Hose-to-Pipe Adapter

Just as in nature, adaptability in gardening and farming is crucial to survive and thrive. The wide selection of hose-to-pipe fittings for drip irrigation available at DripWorks means you will find plenty of hose-thread adapters and hose-pipe fittings to meet your specific needs when you browse this page.

At DripWorks, customers sometimes ask us, "Are PVC threads and garden hose threads the same?" A major area of confusion when designing a drip system is the use of fittings and components with unlike threads. Some fittings have only pipe threads, while others have only hose threads. Some have both.

Hose-to-pipe adapter fittings are the solution whenever you need to join incompatible threads. All hose threads are the same size. Use thread-sealant tape or thread-sealant pipe dope on all pipe threads to prevent leaks.

We carry all kinds of parts to go on a hose-pipe connection. You can find a fitting with a standard FHT thread on one end and an FPT on the other as well as a variety of sizes, shapes and materials to do the job right.