1/4" Micro

The 1/4" micro fittings and repair parts for drip irrigation from DripWorks provide an easy way to connect and repair your system. These 1/4" drip irrigation fittings are either barbed or threaded and are designed to be used with 1/4" micro tubing. Barbed fittings are the fastest and easiest to use, while threaded fittings are best when working with Rigid Risers.

Our micro-tubing connectors and 1/4" drip line connectors provide ease and versatility. Any 1/4" fitting can be inserted into 1/2-inch drip tubing or 3/4" tubing using one of our punches. Use the Miracle Insert Tool (PUINS) to make inserting 1/4" transfer barbs and goof plugs into 1/4" micro tubing easier.

Drip system parts like our goof plugs are handy for making repairs to holes in mainline tubing where you have removed an emitter or micro-sprayer. One-way and two-way goof plugs are available.

The 1/4" fittings on this page are designed to be used with 1/4" poly tubing sized 0.17" ID/0.25" OD or 1/4" vinyl tubing sized 0.16" ID/0.22-0.245" OD. If you have questions, please call us toll-free or email us during normal weekday business hours. Our expert staff will be happy to help you find the best solution for your watering system.