1/4" Long Transfer Barbs

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  • Greg - May 21st 2021

    Always the Best Servuce

    You can trust the products and the knowledgable people at DripWorks. My go-to place for drip irrigation for my garden beds.

  • Michael - May 19th 2021

    Excellent service and a great product

    There's nothing sexy or flashy about irrigation supplies themselves so I'll focus instead on what I actually purchased. I actually purchased the ability to sit on my porch in the morning with espresso enjoying the view without first having to walk around outside watering the various potted plants. I found everything I needed very quickly on the site and it all arrived in great shape. Regarding these particular long transfer barbs, my thumbs thank you. These are way easier to handle than the shorter ones.

  • Cory - Mar 29th 2021

    1/4" Long Transfer Barbs

    The long transfer barbs are easier to grip for my old tired hands.

  • Everett - Jan 23rd 2021

    excellent service on my orders, thanks.

    excellent service on my orders, thanks.

  • Robert - Dec 15th 2020

    great collection of products but shipping expenses are high

    I love Dripworks. They have great products and the website is organized well. I think the minimum shipping costs are too high and a barrier to me using the site more frequently to make purchases.

  • Lynn - Aug 7th 2020


    I use the 6 inch drip tape and the barbs make it easy to connect and to reach all of my plants.

  • Michael - Jul 21st 2020

    1/4 inch long transfer barbs

    Excellent product for my raised beds.

  • Roberta - Jul 9th 2020

    1/4" barbs

    Work as they should for a good price.

  • Gary - Jul 6th 2020

    Hi quality

    Easy to install, hold well, my favorite barbs.

  • John - Jul 4th 2020

    long transfer barb

    work well - no duds


A long body and tapered ends make this 1/4" transfer barb easier to handle than the regular transfer barb.

Use the long transfer barb to connect 1/4" Polyethylene Micro Tubing or 1/4" Soaker Dripline to mainline tubing. Can also be used to connect two pieces of 1/4" tubing together.

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