1/4" Polyethylene Micro Tubing

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  • Kate - Jun 2nd 2021

    Amazing company

    This product is so great. This is the 3rd iteration of irrigation system I have installed from dripworls. They are such smartly design systems. Highly recommend.

  • Don - Feb 25th 2021

    1/4" Polyethylene Micro Tubing

    Good quality but the curl has a mind of its own!

  • STEVE - Jan 1st 2021


    great as usual

  • JAMES - Oct 31st 2020

    Great product!

    I've used quite a bit of the 1/4" micro tubing. It is an excellent product.

  • Demarkius - Sep 11th 2020

    Works great

    package came quick

  • Terry - Sep 11th 2020

    Store Quality, better value

    So far, all of the products I've purchased from DripWorks have been good quality and a better value than you can get at the Home Improvement box stores. Shipping was fast and all items arrived in perfect condition, exactly as ordered. I highly recommend DripWorks.

  • Thomas - Sep 2nd 2020

    1/4" Polyethylene Micro Tubing

    nice product works great

  • Greg - Aug 21st 2020

    1/4" micro tubing

    I have used a considerable amount of this tubing and am completely satisfied with it. Very easy to work with.

  • Scott - Jul 26th 2020


    Just as advertised. No issued at all during installation and the system is working very well.

  • Robert Warner - Jul 19th 2020

    Awesome Company

    I love this company. Prompt and Courteous Service. I can now finally get out of this triple-digit heat and water from 4 am to 6! Yeah!


A necessity for most typical drip irrigation systems,1/4" polyethylene micro-tubing is the standard tubing used to connect most drip emitters, sprayers, misters and mini-sprinklers to your mainline tubing. Our 1/4” tubing is durable, reliable and economical, making it an excellent choice for everything from flower beds and back-yard vegetable gardens to vineyards and farms. It’s available in lengths ranging from 50 feet to 1,000 feet.

If you have questions, we have answers here at DripWorks. Learn more by checking out our FAQ, blog and video pages. Still stumped? Get in touch with our friendly, knowledgeable staff by calling our toll-free phone number or filling in and submitting our online question form.


  • Size: 0.170" ID x 0.250" OD
  • Max. Pressure: 30 PSI
  • Max. Flow: 30 GPH (15 feet or less)
  • Fittings: Use with 1/4" micro fittings

Important Notes:

  • This tubing is not rated for use under constant pressure. It must be installed after automated timers and valves.
  • All tubing is nominally sized. There is no industry standard. Please see the ID and OD measurements for exact tubing size.

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