Whether you grow for fun or for profit, a good greenhouse will let you extend your growing season. Similarly, high tunnels will give your plants extra warm growing time, but at a lower cost.

DripWorks offers a selection of high-quality greenhouses and high tunnels for farm and garden that can boost your yields and lengthen your grow time. Thanks to our factory-direct pricing, you don't need to break the bank to extend your season and increase your production. You can grow anything from cut flowers to cannabis in these structures.

Our greenhouses for sale include Solexx, known for its attractive, professional-quality products. These are perfect for hobby gardeners and smaller farming operations. A variety of shapes and sizes are available as well as accessories like tie-down kits, vents and shelves.

Commercial growers often opt for our ClearSpan high tunnels. Cost-efficient and easy to set up, our high-tunnel greenhouse kits can extend your growing season and increase your return on investment. Choose from sizes ranging from 14' x 24' to 30' x 96' to suit your space and needs.