Our time is a precious commodity. Once it's gone, it's gone.

Although you love your plants and want to see them grow and thrive, using irrigation timers means you won't have to be with them constantly. A drip irrigation system with timer will save you time as well as water.

When you install a drip irrigation battery-operated timer or some other kind of timer in your system, you will be free to sleep in, run errands, visit friends or take a vacation to recharge your own batteries. Your dripper timer will faithfully follow your programmed instructions, giving your plants just the right amount of water when they need it.

If you're thinking about getting a timer for your drip system, DripWorks carries a variety of drip irrigation AC, battery, solar and windup timers. Our big selection makes it easy for you to find the timer that best suits your drip system layout and your budget.

Types of Timers

If you're wondering which type of timer is best for your needs, we have prepared this guide to help you decide. No matter which product you choose, your timer will turn your water on and off when you want it to, saving you time, water and money and providing the consistent watering that will help your plants grow their best.

Battery Timers are hose-threaded and easy to install and program. Most have one valve.

High-End Battery Timers are commercial-grade products that can operate multiple pipe-threaded DC valves.

Electronic Timers can run multiple 24-volt AC valves. They require an AC power source.

Solar Timers are an environmentally friendly alternative to a battery or electronic timer. Powered by ambient light, they require no backup power source. That makes them perfect for remote gardens.

Windup Timers are an inexpensive alternative to a battery or electronic timer. These are wonderful for those who sometimes forget to turn the water off.

Warranty Notes:

  • Unused timers cannot be returned after 90 days. They cannot be resold as new because of the manufacturer-imprinted warranty date.
  • Do not use pipe dope around any automated AC or DC valves. It can damage the valves and will void any warranty.
  • Always use a filter before automated AC or DC valves. Debris in a valve will void any warranty.
  • Bring all timers indoors and remove the batteries before the freezing months.