Top Quality Cannabis Irrigation Products

DripWorks has been providing irrigation systems for cannabis growers for almost 30 years. Using this experience and our customers successful results, we’ve come up with a select list of the most popular and effective products for cannabis and hemp growers both large and small.

Besides being fun, growing marijuana can be rewarding and profitable. Whether you are growing marijuana indoors or outdoors, for fun, for profit, or for medicinal purposes, DripWorks can help you raise better bud.

Here at DripWorks, we are dedicated to helping folks make things grow better. In addition, our products can help you operate more economically and efficiently.

Located in Northern California, we are truly in the epicenter of a growing business. Cannabis cultivation especially is exploding as more states legalize its use for medical and recreational purposes.

Crop Yield & Irrigation

People use our drip tubing, drip tape, emitter tubing, fertilizer injectors, timers, emitters, and sprayers to grow all sorts of things, from potatoes to pot. That’s because drip irrigation uses 30% to 50% less water than traditional irrigating methods. What’s good for the environment is good for your wallet too. You can cut costs while providing your plants just the right amount of watering even as our warming planet and changing weather systems bring us more droughts.

Our cannabis growing supplies can help you produce more and better buds inside or outdoors. Whether you raise pot plants outside, in a grow house, in a cannabis greenhouse, or in a high tunnel, consider one of our drip irrigation kits. These greenhouse kits give you everything you need in one convenient package to properly water and fertilize your pot plants. Besides saving you money compared to buying components individually, these kits save you the hassle of assembling your drip irrigation system piece by piece.

Irrigation Installation

These irrigation systems are easy to set up by yourself. But if you need some help installing your system or deciding which products are best for your situation, you can chat with us live at You can also check out our videos, FAQs and blogs where you will find lots of handy growing tips, including some specially tailored for those who are growing cannabis.

If you don’t find the answers you’re looking for there, we are more than just a website. Real humans are here to help. Call us toll-free Monday through Friday at 1-800-522-3747 for fast, friendly and knowledgeable assistance.

"DripWorks customer service and products are 100% Soil King approved" - Patrick King, The Soil King Garden Center, Seed to Soul Farm, and Big Rootz, 2015 Emerald Cup Soil of the Year