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Providing quality cannabis irrigation supplies for three decades has given DripWorks a look into the techniques and preferred products for successful outdoor cannabis watering systems or an indoor drip system for a cannabis greenhouse. After choosing the best place to grow and the growing medium you like, we can provide the drip system for cannabis that will ensure success. This might just be the most rewarding gardening experience you’ve ever done.

Aqua-Traxx-Drip Tape

Aqua-Traxx Drip Tape is the budget-friendly solution for long rows of plants grown outdoors, in a greenhouse/high tunnel or in raised beds. It offers uniform distribution of water over very long distances and is exceptionally clog-resistant. A filter is recommended to eliminate debris and sediment large enough to affect the performance of a drip system. We have even seen CO2 injected through drip tape in enclosed high tunnels for bigger plants that properly exhibit how to grow cannabis outdoors.