Sprinkler To Drip Conversion

Whether you're sick and tired of high water bills, want to do your part to preserve the earth's precious water supplies or have some other reason to switch, it's affordable and easy to convert your water-guzzling pop-up sprinkler heads to a water-sipping drip irrigation system. At DripWorks, we carry a variety of sprinkler-to-drip irrigation conversion kits that give you everything you need to make the change affordably and quickly.

We also have all the parts you may prefer to purchase separately, like drip irrigation micro sprinklers, drip irrigation spray nozzles and more. From a drip irrigation manifold to a sprinkler adapter for drip irrigation, you can find everything you need to cut your water consumption when you shop here.

Native plants make a good replacement for water-greedy lawns. Vegetables, berries, grapes and fruit trees are other alternatives.

Each sprinkler conversion kit gives you everything you need to convert a single pop-up sprinkler head to drip irrigation, including filters, tubing, soakers, fittings and much more. Our sprinkler-to-drip adapter fittings fit the 1/2" threads typically used for risers, but we also carry reducing couplers for larger threads.

If your riser is 3/4" a threaded reducing coupler (P3412TRC) and a 1/2" riser can be used to convert it to 1/2".

View our Sprinkler to Drip Irrigation Conversion Guide.