Barb fittings are easy to use and quick to work with. Economical and low-maintenance, barbed fittings make excellent irrigation barb connectors.

You can use these simple, slip-in fittings with Oval Hose, Polyethylene Mainline Tubing or 1/2" Emitter Tubing. Installing them at lower pressures requires no tools. Simply push the tubing over the end of the barb fitting until it feels snug. At higher pressures (over 20 psi), use Hose Clamps to secure the tubing onto the barbed fitting.

Big Selection, Low Prices

DripWorks carries a wide selection of barbed fittings, couplers and tees, providing you flexibility in designing, repairing or modifying your drip irrigation system. Barbed couplers are ideal for joining in-line tubing. Available in a variety of sizes, these irrigation system parts are affordable, dependable and durable.

Our barbed tees are ideal for running a line off at a 90-degree angle. You can also find reducing tees here for working with tubing of different sizes.

We have barbed elbows in assorted sizes as well as reducing elbows for making turns in your system. Our barbed valves make it easy to control water flow in lines and are a cinch to patch in. You’ll also find lots of other handy barbed fittings here, like barbed plugs and male or female pipe or hose ends.

Our barbed fittings are made of PVC plastic. Colors may vary and can include black, white, gray and brown.