Overhead (Spray/Mist)

Greenhouses provide a great way to provide your plants exactly the right environment. If you are looking for the best greenhouse drip irrigation sprayers and greenhouse irrigation supplies, DripWorks should be your first and last stop.

You will find a selection of quality overhead watering systems for greenhouses here. We have all of the parts you need to set up an overhead watering system in your greenhouse.

If you are looking for items like overhead micro sprinklers, we have items like Inverted Tornado Misters and Ein Dor Mini-Sprinklers. These overhead sprayer products are a great choice for small to medium-size greenhouses.

Inverted Mini-Wobblers are designed to water larger greenhouses. Our four-way foggers and Tornado Misters are ideal for seed propagation and boosting humidity in any size or type of greenhouse.

For a complete solution for a mist irrigation system, check out one of our greenhouse misting kits. You’ll also find a variety of greenhouse sprinkler parts here, like grommets, couplers and anti-drip devices.