Ein Dor Mini-Sprinklers (5 Pack)

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  • Eric - May 21st 2021

    All Good

    Excellent selection and I have used them for years

  • Patricia - May 17th 2021

    More than a mister!

    This sprinkler is great! The water is evenly dispursed in a 360 degree fashion. Great for flower beds!

  • Joseph - Apr 21st 2021


    Just what I needed to water my garden, not a mist but water droplets just what I wanted no problems easy installation with press fit risers

  • Neysa - Apr 18th 2021

    Ein Dor Mini-Sprinklers

    Easy and effective to use

  • Don - Mar 19th 2021

    Ein Dor Mini-Sprinklers - Very Nice!!!

    I replaced about 75 downward cone heads (7.5 gph) with the 25 Ein Dor Mini-Sprinklers (5 gph) to 1. Save water! and 2. to get a better coverage of our flower and herb beds. These things provide a very nice coverage with fewer heads. So I think have taken care of both goals. Very nice product and would recommend them.

  • David - Sep 1st 2020

    Good for fruit trees and small flower beds

    The purple low flow sprinkler is the perfect size for a mature fruit tree. My young trees have emitter tubing, and as they get bigger I upgrade to this sprayer. It's also good for watering a 5 ft wide flower bed. Even if you prefer to use all ground level emitters; I recommend putting at least one sprayer on every zone, to see that the system is operating at full pressure. It's amazing how many leaks and clogged filters I found; using a sprayer as a pressure gauge. Put a sprayer at the far end of your system to make sure pressure is getting there.

  • Ronni - May 27th 2020

    great little sprinklers!

    I bought two packs, one in light blue and one in purple for trees too small for the Antelco Vari-Rotor. All are working great, were easy to put together and install.

  • Henry - Jul 24th 2019

    Great for small beds

    I use these mini-sprinklers in small beds such as my Hosta beds and Caladium beds. They are versatile as they come in coverage areas, 5', 7', 9' and 13' diameters.

  • Michael - Jul 10th 2019

    Mini-sprinklers were perfect

    These worked out perfect. Great coverage in a tight space.

  • Marc - May 21st 2019


    These worked nicely. The radius was about 3' and gave good coverage


Thanks to their wind-resistant low trajectory and uniform spray pattern, the Ein-Dor Mini-Sprinklers from DripWorks have drawn rave reviews from our customers. These Ein-Dor sprinklers are perfect for landscaped areas, garden beds, plant propagation and small groups of containers. Using the press-fit barb and anti-drip device, you can even invert an Ein-Dor sprayer for overhead use in a greenhouse.

Under pressure, the top part of the mini-sprinkler lifts and oscillates, creating a flat spray pattern and an even distribution of droplets. The lift helps discourage plugging and insects.

We offer several versions of these mini-sprinklers, including low-flow, medium/high flow, medium/low flow and high flow.


  • Full circle spray pattern
  • Even distribution of droplets (no misting)
  • Lifting top prevents plugging and keeps insects out
  • Operates best at 30 PSI (20 PSI minimum)

The Ein Dor Mini-Sprinkler head has two parts connected by a small plastic rod. Under pressure, the top part lifts and oscillates creating a flat spray pattern with an even distribution of droplets. The lifting top prevents plugging and keeps out insects while the large drops and low spray angle minimize wind drift. Because Ein Dors have such even coverage, they are a natural choice for greenhouse watering, either facing up, or hanging upside down for container groupings. Overlap 100% for complete coverage.

When inverted (installed upside down) the low flow Ein Dor (MELOW) produces a fine mist with a reduced diameter.

SprinklerColorFlow @ 30 PSIDiameter @ 30 PSI
MELOW Purple 5 GPH 5 feet
MELTB Blue 9 GPH 7 feet
MEBLA Black 18 GPH 9 feet
MERED Red 32 GPH 13 feet

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