1/4" Soaker Dripline

This is one of our most versatile and best-selling products. There are lots of reasons why.

Soaker dripline is drip irrigation at its easiest. With our 1/4" dripline with emitters, small emitters are pre-installed into 1/4" tubing at 6-, 9- or 12-inch intervals. Our dripline is flexible and adaptable to many uses. You can wind it through flower beds or borders, around trees or shrubs or run it down rows or raised vegetable beds. It is also great for container planting.

Dripline is an inexpensive and effective method for watering a variety of plants and gardens. Soaker drip line also works well with gravity and low-pressure systems.

We carry 1/4" drip tubing in a variety of configurations. We also stock all the accessories you will need to install your 1/4" soaker dripline system. If you have questions about the 1/4" drip irrigation products available at DripWorks, call us toll-free or submit our online question form for fast, helpful answers.

Use for soaker dripline for:

  • Planter Boxes (use 6" emitter spacing)
  • Window Boxes (use 6" emitter spacing)
  • Square Foot or Intensive Gardening (use 6" emitter spacing)
  • Small Garden Beds (use 6", 9" or 12" emitter spacing)
  • Raised Beds (use 6", 9" or 12" emitter spacing)
  • Ringing Large Bushes or Trees (use 12" emitter spacing)
Emitter Spacing Max. Row Length Flow (GPH) per 100'
10 PSI 20 PSI 30 PSI
6" (DSD6) 18' 84 120 160
9" (DSD9) 25' 56 80 107
12" (DSD12) 34' 42 60 80
Flow (GPH) per emitter 0.42 0.60 0.80