1/4" Goof Plugs for Repair (Two Way)

1/4" Goof Plugs for Repair (Two Way)

  • 10 Pack $0.60 14GP2-10
  • 100 Pack $4.95 14GP2-100

These plugs are used to repair small or large holes in mainline tubing where an emitter or micro-sprayer was removed. Goof plugs can also be used to seal off the end of 1/4" Soaker Dripline.

One-Way Goof Plugs, are also available.

If the hole in your tubing is too large to be repaired by a goof plug, a repair coupling must be used.

Customer Reviews

General review of DW
quality products, do what they are designed to do, dependable service, a company I can count on.
Drip Sys. Components
I have not installed goof plug components or the 2 gal. per hour emitters yet as it's still winter, but purchasing on line from this company was super easy and shipping was fast. Goof plugs are to plug holes in a 200 foot long recycled drip line. I'll update when system is installed this coming spring.
Quick service
Great quick service
As described
Excellent product
Not that great.
The goof plugs work great when used to end a run of the 1/4 inch tubing but as far as using to plug a hole in 1/2 inch mainline they don't work so well. I tried several times to plug a hole in my mainline but could never stop it from leaking. Eventually I just cut out the small section with the hole and joined the two remaining pieces together.
Work well
Just as advertised, well made and work well
work well, have used them for many years
Goof plugs
How could you possibly go wrong? This fixes everything mistake.
Goof plugs
You can never have too many.
Goof plugs
You can never have enough.
Goof plugs
Always get the correct size
Goof plugs
Works best if you use a pro punch tool to make the original hole. Sloppy, oval or ragged holes will leak considerable water where it is wasted.
I've been ordering from DripWorks for many years and their products are made to last years!
American made is my motto! That 3 foot hose extension I just purchased is of great quality, too! AMERICAN MADE!
Convenient, works great
They work, nice to have the 2 way option
Always good to have on hand
These goof plugs are essential to have for a drip irrigation system. The 100 pack is a very economic way to ensure you always have some on hand.
Love Dripworks
The goof plugs are great too
Great people to work with!
My life would be a lot harder without goof plugs. So this time I bought both sizes. All of my orders arrive quickly with no issues. Thats why I keep coming back.
2-way Goof plugs
These plugs are really handing for revising run branch locations and sealing leaks. The 2-ways are a little more useful due to the two hole sizes they can seal.
I don’t know how you guys ship so fast but thanks for the good service.
Perfect for plugging ends of drip line.
goof plugs
as advertised
Owner, Nest & Sprout LLC
Good example of the two-ended "goof" plug, at a nice per-item price.
Versatile Plugs
These Goof Plugs have two different sized ends so you can repair a wider variety of holes in your tubing, resulting in a tighter repair and fewer leaks.
goof plugs
Worked like they were supposed to.
The only place to buy..
Once again drip works , quality products came through , and solved my problem
Great Product
Perfect fit, Great price for 100 piece package. Great shipping time.
Owner - The Swallow's Nest - Jayna's Country Store & Gardens
Everything arrived in good shape. As it always does. Thanks
Great website & incredibly quick shipping! Highly recommend!
I am an urban gardner and consulted dripworks website for deck irrigation step by step advice. Incredible step bystep instruction and super fast shipment! Great.

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