1/4" Goof Plugs for Repair (Two Way)

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  • Eric - May 30th 2021


    The plugs work great. Don’t expect it to seal completely at first but if left alone they seal good.

  • Fred - Apr 11th 2021

    General review of DW

    quality products, do what they are designed to do, dependable service, a company I can count on.

  • Jeffrey - Jan 31st 2021

    Drip Sys. Components

    I have not installed goof plug components or the 2 gal. per hour emitters yet as it's still winter, but purchasing on line from this company was super easy and shipping was fast. Goof plugs are to plug holes in a 200 foot long recycled drip line. I'll update when system is installed this coming spring.

  • jack - Dec 12th 2020

    Quick service

    Great quick service

  • Dale - Oct 17th 2020

    As described

    Excellent product

  • Donald - Oct 5th 2020

    Not that great.

    The goof plugs work great when used to end a run of the 1/4 inch tubing but as far as using to plug a hole in 1/2 inch mainline they don't work so well. I tried several times to plug a hole in my mainline but could never stop it from leaking. Eventually I just cut out the small section with the hole and joined the two remaining pieces together.

  • Nicholas - Aug 18th 2020

    Work well

    Just as advertised, well made and work well

  • JERALD - Aug 18th 2020


    work well, have used them for many years

  • Carol - Aug 11th 2020

    Goof plugs

    How could you possibly go wrong? This fixes everything mistake.

  • Robert - Aug 7th 2020

    Goof plugs

    You can never have too many.


These plugs are used to repair small or large holes in mainline tubing where an emitter or micro-sprayer was removed. Goof plugs can also be used to seal off the end of 1/4" Soaker Dripline.

One-Way Goof Plugs, are also available.

If the hole in your tubing is too large to be repaired by a goof plug, a repair coupling must be used.

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