1/4" Goof Plugs for Repair (Two Way)

1/4" Goof Plugs for Repair (Two Way)

  • 10 Pack $0.60 14GP2-10
  • 100 Pack $4.95 14GP2-100

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These plugs are used to repair small or large holes in mainline tubing where an emitter or micro-sprayer was removed. Goof plugs can also be used to seal off the end of 1/4" Soaker Dripline.

One-Way Goof Plugs, are also available.

If the hole in your tubing is too large to be repaired by a goof plug, a repair coupling must be used.

Customer Reviews

By STEVE on 5/28/2019
I don’t know how you guys ship so fast but thanks for the good service.
By Michael on 5/17/2019
Perfect for plugging ends of drip line.
goof plugs
By Melvin on 8/25/2018
as advertised
Owner, Nest & Sprout LLC
By David on 8/18/2018
Good example of the two-ended "goof" plug, at a nice per-item price.
Versatile Plugs
By Janice on 6/25/2018
These Goof Plugs have two different sized ends so you can repair a wider variety of holes in your tubing, resulting in a tighter repair and fewer leaks.
goof plugs
By Donald on 6/22/2018
Worked like they were supposed to.
The only place to buy..
By Ted on 5/28/2018
Once again drip works , quality products came through , and solved my problem
Great Product
By Greg on 5/21/2018
Perfect fit, Great price for 100 piece package. Great shipping time.
Owner - The Swallow's Nest - Jayna's Country Store & Gardens
By John III on 5/5/2018
Everything arrived in good shape. As it always does. Thanks
Great website & incredibly quick shipping! Highly recommend!
By Todd on 10/8/2017
I am an urban gardner and consulted dripworks website for deck irrigation step by step advice. Incredible step bystep instruction and super fast shipment! Great.

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