1/4" Goof Plugs for Repair (One Way)

1/4" Goof Plugs for Repair (One Way)

  • 10 Pack $0.79 14GP1-10
  • 100 Pack $5.95 14GP1-100

These plugs are used to repair holes in mainline tubing where an emitter or micro-sprayer was removed. Goof plugs can also be used to seal off the end of 1/4" Soaker Dripline.

Two-Way Goof Plugs, are also available.

If the hole in your tubing is too large to be repaired by a goof plug, a repair coupling must be used.

Customer Reviews

Goof Plugs
They work very well. No leakage noted when plugged. Like the choice on one way and two way. Easy to install.
It’s a fine thing
I feel silly reviewing the goof plugs but they are a fine thing. Punch a hole and change your mind? You need a goof plug. Run emitter line to snake through your garden? Stopper the end with a goof plug. They are cheap. Get a lot of them and never worry.
Can't have too many Goof Plugs!
The 1/4" Goof Plugs are always handy to have on hand any time I'm working on the drip irrigation system. If I need to move a drip line, it is easy to cut the old line, push a goof plug into the end of it, and then punch a hole into the feed line for the new drip line. And, I won'd mention how many times I put a hole in the wrong place on the feed line and had to plug it. The Goof Plugs are super easy to use, and help keep the irrigation system flexible as needs change. I also use them to close off the end of the new 1/4" drip lines when they are installed. For the small cost of them, it always worthwhile to have some extras on hand.
Home Gardener
I used goof plugs on all my ends and two way goof plugs between any repairs...they will not leak! they are easy to use and now watering our gardens is easy!
Goof plugs
Good plugs work great! No leaks
Gotta have 'em
Sometimes it's not a goof, just need to plug a hole. They work fine.
Goof Plugs
Excellent product and quick shipping!

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