Drip emitters release water to your plants from the mainline tubing. The emitters can be punched directly into the mainline or inserted into the end of a length of 1/4" tubing for plants that aren't close to the mainline. This is the most practical way to emit water to your plants when they aren't evenly spaced.

At DripWorks, we carry a big selection of drippers and drip emitters for drip irrigation. That makes it easy to find the right ones to suit your application and budget.

Our basic drip emitters are economical products that are extremely popular with our customers. These have flows of 15-20 PSI, meaning you will get a lower flow at lower pressure and a higher pressure at a slightly higher flow. These non-pressure-compensating emitters work better than pressure-compensating emitters at very low pressure.

Pressure-compensating drip emitters deliver a precise amount of water each time, even if there are changes in pressure. They are particularly useful for long rows or varying terrain. They seldom get plugged.