Tools & Accessories

Gardening can be a challenge at times, but using the right tools will make your work easier as well as more fun and productive. If you're looking for the right tool for the job, look no further than DripWorks. Irrigation is our specialty, but we also have everything else you need to ensure healthy plants throughout the seasons. Just add water and TLC.

Browse our tools for gardening and you'll find all the necessities, like pruning shears, hand cultivators and garden spades. In addition to the best garden shears, clippers and cutters, you'll find tools for shaping, trimming and pruning brush, shrubs and trees. These include hatchets, pruning saws, loppers and axes to meet your every gardening need.

We have all the accessories to help you maximize your enjoyment and success in the garden. These include rain gauges and soil analyzers to ensure your plants get all the nutrients and moisture they need for optimal growth. You'll find everything here, from stakes and ties to keep your plants tidy to books to help you advance your knowledge.