If you're using or installing a drip irrigation system to conserve water and benefit your plants, you'll need the right fittings to attach drip lines, tubing and other gear to each other and to your water source. DripWorks carries an outstanding selection of drip irrigation fittings, adapters and connectors that let you hook up your system easily and securely. Whether you're looking for an irrigation hose connector, PVC-to-irrigation tubing or something else, you'll find a wide range of sizes and styles here to suit your situation.

Use these drip fittings to connect pieces of tubing together. The Easy Loc Fittings are the most common and easiest drip irrigation fittings to use. To see how simple our Easy Loc fittings are to use, check out our new videos.

Compression drip fittings are the lowest-cost fittings. They hold extremely well but are a little more difficult to use.

Tape Loc fittings are very similar to Easy Loc fittings but are used with Drip-Tape rather than standard drip tubing. We also have 1/4" and 1/8" micro irrigation fittings for your smaller tubing as well as PVC fittings for connecting PVC pipe.

All Easy Loc fittings and Tape Loc fittings are proudly made in the U.S.