Soaker Dripline 6" Spacing

Soaker Dripline 6" Spacing

  • 50' $14.95 DSD6L
  • 100' $21.95 DSD6
  • 500' $102.95 DSD6500

Flexible yet strong, the Soaker Dripline with 6" Spacing from DripWorks is easy to work with and install. Made of polyethylene, this 1/4" tubing has small emitters pre-installed every 6 inches.

Use it for flower or vegetable beds, rows or containers. Its flexibility also makes it an ideal tree-watering system. Choose from 50', 100' or 500' lengths of this economical tubing. Soaker Dripline also works well with gravity and low pressure systems.

Watch our Soaker Dripline video to see how easy it is to install.

Flow rate is measured in gallons per hour (GPH) and varies with pressure

  • Flow rate at 10 PSI is approximately 84 GPH per 100' roll (0.42 GPH per emitter)
  • Flow rate at 20 PSI is approximately 120 GPH per 100' roll (0.60 GPH per emitter)
  • Flow rate at 30 PSI is approximately 160 GPH per 100' roll (0.80 GPH per emitter)

Maximum recommended run length for a row of 6" spaced Soaker Dripline is 18 feet

How to use Soaker Dripline:

  • Use a punch to make a 1/4" hole in the mainline tubing where each line of Soaker Dripline will connect.
  • Insert a 1/4" transfer barb or micro-flow valve into the beginning of each line of Soaker Dripline, then connect to the mainline tubing.
  • Place the Soaker Dripline around your plants, being careful not to exceed the maximum run length for a single line.
  • Use a 1/4" goof plug to seal off the end of each line of Soaker Dripline.
  • Use U-shaped or J-shaped wire hold downs to pin the Soaker Dripline in place.
  • The Miracle Insert Tool can be used to easily insert tranfer barbs and goof plugs into Soaker Dripline.

Customer Reviews

Too Many Inoperable Emitters
In all these reviews, no one says anything about the large percentage of emitters that don't emit. Too many gaps in watering, so I'll have to replace this drip line.
Great Product!
I've been using this 6" dripline tubing in my raised beds and the landscape in my home garden for years. It works great, is excellent quality and doesn't clog. DripWorks is a great company. I order all of my drip irrigation fittings and supplies from them (I don't bother with the poor quality items available from the big box stores) and their shipping is amazingly fast! Thanks!
Drip irrigation
I have been using this system for 8 or 9 years and with the hard water we have, I finally have to replace some of the lines. Once the system is installed to your liking, it's easy to work with. I love it!
I really like the 6" spacing
I use the 1/4" drip line with emitters every 6" in my Square Foot Garden. I works great and does exactly what I want it to do.
Excellent Product
I've purchased two 500' rolls and have several sections tied together via 1/2" supply line. Some sections have a 10 psi reducer and some use 20 psi, depending on density of the plants and how long I want the cycle to run. No issues with any of this drip line, even on a slight grade. Saves me a lot of time!
Really like your products
Have used your products for years. Never been disappointed.
1/4 in dripline
Line works as advertised.
Soaker Dripline
The soaker dripline worked exactly as expected and at a reasonable price. Customer service was prompt is resolving an issue caused by USPS.
i love everything about dripworks
the 6" spaced soaker dripline makes things real easy. you can even circle it in round pots. i use it everywhere. my plants are so much happier when they get regular water. i have the timer set to water 10 minutes out of every hour (i turn it off at night) and it just takes the edge off the heat.
when i watered with a hose, they went through cycles of flooding and drought every day. now they get just enough water all day long
Pioneer, CA
Items were shipped and delivered as promised. This soaker line works so well for large pots and raised beds!! Really easy to work with.
Product works well and raised bed planters
Soaker Dripline 6" Spacing
I've use these drip lines in my garden for years. They have survived Buffalo winters without a problem. Some of my trip lines are over 6 years old!
It has always worked for me. I would recommend it.
Works great
I ordered more.
Quick &Easy
We found the DripWorks system very easy to install. After years of hand watering our garden and flowers we finally installed drip irrigation. If we only realized how quick and easy it was to install, we would have done it years ago. Thanks DripWorks
soaker dripline
Never got it.
Drip line hose
Ordered from drip works for years.
Great products, fast service and shipping.
Dripline 6" Great for large pots
I am a container gardener near the Southern tip of New Jersey. Sunny and hot over the summer. The dripline buried under mulch does a great job of watering my large pots - 12" and up. Efficient and gentle. Easy to contrl and easy to work with.
Great Product
We received the Dripline with 6" spacing and used it in our garden. This does a great job of placing water right where it is needed. We used soaker hoses but they didn't water evenly. We tried an impulse sprinkler and that still didn't water evenly. This dripline is they best option we have found. We love the job it is doing and we're using less water.
Good Quality
I've been happy with the products I have received from dripworks. Much better than Rainbird.
Soaker drip line
Good hose for hard to fit spots like my triangular garden. The bug plugs were a big disappointment as water just sprayed out around them instead of the nice steady drip of the tubing.
Better Choice than Soaker Tube
I like that it provides a more control than a length of soaker tubing.
Works great
The soaker hose connects easily and delivers the water as promised. pretty much like all the dripworks stuff I have purchased over the years. It works great, delivery is consistent, and the focus on ease-of-use with all products is very much appreciated.
good quality, good service
I made the mistake of trying to buy this item locally and after three stores came home and put in my order. Within a few days I had it and appreciate the reliable high quality of all of the Drip Works items. It is nicely pliable, making it easier to work with.
Drip tubing 1/4
I order all my drip irrigation for DripWorks. Great product quality and quick turn a round on orders.
Good Product
Very good product. Robust, flexible, provides great watering coverage and can be arranged into any pattern that you desire. For example, we have used it to water row crops and to water individual planters by firming it into circles within the planter. Much better that drip tape. Very easy to join and to plug into half inch main lines.
Soaker drip line
I am very pleased with both the 6” and12” soaker dripline
Best thing
Thank you for this perfect way to water our raised beds. Easy to install, DripWorks was quick getting our order to us and it works just like advertised.
Quality product at competitive pricing.
I purchased this for my raised vegetable gardens. It was much simpler to install than individual drippers, which made getting water where I needed it quick and painless. It also arrived within two days of ordering, so the whole process was Incredibly quick and easy. I will recommend Dripworks and their products to friends and family, it beats the box-store product (sorry box-store) it’s priced competitively, and it does what it says it’s going to do.
Great product, good price, and excellent quality.
Use this to irrigate 40 blueberry bushes in 4 beds around our yard. The dripline does an excellent job.
better than a soaker line
Use the permeable soaker drip line for a few years. Had to replace the line every year due to clogging with minerals and becoming brittle. The 6' spaced drip line works much better.
have purchased these items before; several years ago and have been very satisfied with the customer service and the flexibility of the
product. Since initial installation I have had to rearrange plants and was able to readjust the
original set up with ease. This is a wonderful
product that saves water and brings the water to
just where you want it.
Great product
DripWorks emitter tubing works well and is easy to configure. Products are ship quickly and accurately.
Exactly as advertised and fast shipping!!
The right thing!
After trying a number of different forms of drip lines this has proven to be the best. Paired with the Olson Hose Reg (FHT x MHT) it delivers the perfect amount, in right time, and without popping any fittings. It is flexible and east to work with while feeling really heavy duty.
Exactly what I wanted
Great product and the best price I could find. My plants are happy once again. Here in the desert NW 6" emitters are much better than 12.
Great way to deliver water to large area
I've used what seems like miles of this in my yard, but many areas look a lot better in the hot part of the summer. This product delivers a lot of water quickly. It contains drippers, so the water is not spread out much, but regular watering seems to keep the soil evenly moist. I like to plug both ends into the supply tube so it will pressurize more quickly. Good product, easy to use, inexpensive.
It will have to do.
I wanted a drip line with 4” spacing for carrots and radishes. This is the closest I could find.
Great option for color or vegetable garden
I’ve used about 1500’ of this product over the years and it works great!
Awesome Dripline
I love the 1/4" soaker dripline. In larger flower pots and beds I can wind the amount of line I want to ensure all the flowers are watered sufficiently.
1/4 dripline
Love this stuff! Great pricing, gets here super fast!
Great product!
Couldn’t have been any easier to put together several different configurations to satisfy five different garden layouts. Watering is now very efficient with no effort on my part
Works great
For a home owner, I wish I'd just used this instead of drip tape from the start. Yes, it costs a bit more, but I don't need all the whacky adapters for drip tape. If I were commercial, then drip tape all the way.
Each has its place
Last year I used 12” spaces drip line with good results. 12” drip line was fine for rows with larger plants like tomatoes and broccoli, but I found the 6” spacing is necessary for smaller vegetables like carrots, onions and closely spaced greens. 6” works also for square foot gardenening.
Just what you need when you need it
Putting in new drip lines this spring and found out I was short some items On line ordered the items at a fair price and they got here quickly. What more could you ask for?! .
1/4 in drip line
This an excellent product. I have used this drip line for several new and old plants in a flower bed that stretches in front of my home. I have three zones set up for watering and I am still tweaking the watering times. I followed the guidance provided by dripwotks on your web site and I am very pleased with the results. I have used dripworks for years with very satisfactory results
Drip Works Products
DripWorks has been great. The online chat pointed me right to where I needed to go when I couldn't find it on the site. Still waiting for summer where I am but my system is all up and ready to go! Thanks!
6" drip line
Fast shipping seems like quality material
Excellent drip line!
Very durable, seems to last for many years!
1/4 tbing
Great thin tubing for pots!
Great product
Avid gardener with a wide variety of plants, trees, veggies. This works great for flower beds, shrubs, and veggies, for a deep soak where it is most effective. My only issue is our hard sandy water, that means I need to replace this about every three years.
Dripworks: simple, convenient and effective
Dripworks' irrigation system is more effective than I had hoped. It's easy to design and install: the pieces fit together well and are leak-proof. My first installation went flawlessly - amazing! I'm using a three-barrel, low-gravity/pressure system and the dripping works 'as advertised'. This is now my go-to place for drip irrigation systems.
Soaker Dripline
We needed a soaker hose solution that was more robust than the pulverized soaker hose, the 1/4" dripline with 6" spacing was perfect!
6 in soaker drip line.
I irrigate my whole garden with this. Works great and last a long time.
Great product
This line installs easily in any shaped bed. It drips evenly down the line and does not change due to elevation differences.
soaker dripline
Works great
Garden workhorse
This is the tubing I rely on for my raised bed gardens, branching from 1/2" emitter line. Reliable and flexible.
versitile for watering
I use this tubing for watering on the ground, in plastic pots, and for window boxes. It works really well for all of these.
Great Product
I used the 1/4 inch emitter tubing with 6 inch spacing and it worked great. I used it for an entire season and had no problems, it was easy to work with, and supplied the adequate amount of water.

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