Soaker Dripline 6" Spacing

Soaker Dripline 6" Spacing

  • 50' $14.95 DSD6L
  • 100' $21.95 DSD6
  • 500' $102.95 DSD6500

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This 1/4" polyethylene tubing has small emitters pre-installed every 6". It is flexible and can be wound through flower beds or borders, around trees or shrubs, run down rows or raised vegetable beds and can be used in container planting. It is an inexpensive and effective method for watering a variety of plants and gardens. Soaker Dripline also works well with gravity and low pressure systems.

Watch our Soaker Dripline video to see how easy it is to install.

Flow rate is measured in gallons per hour (GPH) and varies with pressure

  • Flow rate at 10 PSI is approximately 84 GPH per 100' roll (0.42 GPH per emitter)
  • Flow rate at 20 PSI is approximately 120 GPH per 100' roll (0.60 GPH per emitter)
  • Flow rate at 30 PSI is approximately 160 GPH per 100' roll (0.80 GPH per emitter)

Maximum recommended run length for a row of 6" spaced Soaker Dripline is 18 feet

How to use Soaker Dripline:

  • Use a punch to make a 1/4" hole in the mainline tubing where each line of Soaker Dripline will connect.
  • Insert a 1/4" transfer barb or micro-flow valve into the beginning of each line of Soaker Dripline, then connect to the mainline tubing.
  • Place the Soaker Dripline around your plants, being careful not to exceed the maximum run length for a single line.
  • Use a 1/4" goof plug to seal off the end of each line of Soaker Dripline.
  • Use U-shaped or J-shaped wire hold downs to pin the Soaker Dripline in place.
  • The Miracle Insert Tool can be used to easily insert tranfer barbs and goof plugs into Soaker Dripline.

Customer Reviews

Excellent drip line!
By Dylan on 11/12/2017
Very durable, seems to last for many years!
1/4 tbing
By Leslie on 8/9/2017
Great thin tubing for pots!
Great product
By mary on 7/31/2017
Avid gardener with a wide variety of plants, trees, veggies. This works great for flower beds, shrubs, and veggies, for a deep soak where it is most effective. My only issue is our hard sandy water, that means I need to replace this about every three years.
Dripworks: simple, convenient and effective
By Seth on 7/17/2017
Dripworks' irrigation system is more effective than I had hoped. It's easy to design and install: the pieces fit together well and are leak-proof. My first installation went flawlessly - amazing! I'm using a three-barrel, low-gravity/pressure system and the dripping works 'as advertised'. This is now my go-to place for drip irrigation systems.
Soaker Dripline
By Tony Zarger on 7/17/2017
We needed a soaker hose solution that was more robust than the pulverized soaker hose, the 1/4" dripline with 6" spacing was perfect!
6 in soaker drip line.
By thomas on 6/26/2017
I irrigate my whole garden with this. Works great and last a long time.
Great product
By Barbara on 6/9/2017
This line installs easily in any shaped bed. It drips evenly down the line and does not change due to elevation differences.
soaker dripline
By Jerry on 6/8/2017
Works great
Garden workhorse
By Jeff on 3/24/2014
This is the tubing I rely on for my raised bed gardens, branching from 1/2" emitter line. Reliable and flexible.
versitile for watering
By Merry Jo Velasquez on 3/11/2014
I use this tubing for watering on the ground, in plastic pots, and for window boxes. It works really well for all of these.
Great Product
By Denis on 3/5/2014
I used the 1/4 inch emitter tubing with 6 inch spacing and it worked great. I used it for an entire season and had no problems, it was easy to work with, and supplied the adequate amount of water.

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