Miracle Insert Tool

Miracle Insert Tool


Using the right tool for the job can spell the difference between hours of frustration or a few minutes of fun. That old saying is true for irrigation tools too. If you need to insert 1/4" transfer barb fittings into 1/4" tubing, the Miracle Transfer Barb Insert Tool for Drip Irrigation from DripWorks is the right tool for the job.

This hose-barb installation tool will spare you lots of fumbling with your fingers and make the task faster and easier. The inserter tool can also work with 1/8" transfer barbs and tubing, but you must use it carefully. The tubing may kink if you press too hard.

This tool isn't a punch and won't insert elbows, cross fittings or tees. Watch our video to see the tool in action.

Customer Reviews

poor design
It will only do 1-2 types insert. it will not do more than one side after 1st insert is placed.Expensive for what it does, which is minimal.
Great tool
Always a problem in the spring when tubing is a little stiff--this tool takes care of things easily
Slow but handy
Super handy but takes much longer than connection things manually. I save it for when I can’t use my hands any more.
Good but not perfect
The tool makes inserting the hose connectors into the 1/4” tubing much easier and faster. However, in grasping the tubing it pinches the bottom of the tubing. If it would have a small base for the tubing to sit on this minor issue would be eliminated.
Absolutely necessary tool
This tool is absolutely necessary if you’re putting together a drip system. Trying to get those little tubes on those little tiny fittings with your fingers is practically impossible. This made it go smoothly and easily and with a little maneuvering is usable for most of the connections.
Works great some of the time
This tool works great for the first connection at each fitting. But, there doesn't appear to be a way to use it for the opposing connection on the fitting. There is no way to insert a fitting that already has been connected to tubing into the tool unless it is a T (OK for 2 of the 3 connections) or an elbow or a cross (OK for 2 of the 4 connections.) Too bad it doesn't have a slot cut in it so it could be used on all tubing connections.
If I could give this 10 stars I would.
Just saved my husbands thumbs and fingers! It is so easy to use. Glad we found it.
Hand Saving Device
The Miracle Insert Tube helps to reduce hand and finger fatigue when inserting connectors, emitters, etc. (I have smaller hands) Maybe not quite a miracle, but pretty handy. Especially when inserting a lot of connectors or emitters. It definitely works best when the tube has been warmed up a bit.
Deforms the connector
Tends to deform and flatten the ends of the connectors into ovals to the extent it may impact flow. Great need for tool otherwise. Maybe they can fix the problem and make a tool that works for both sides of a connector too.
Insert tool limited usefulness
I bough this tool as it did seem like it would help reduce the effort placing connectors in broen 1/4 tubing. In practice it;s great to get the transfer barb in place but it can only be done on one side. It cannot be used to insert the other end of the barb into the tube,,,hence limitedd usefulness. would be great to have a tool that can insert the barb in both tubes, that would be a miracle tool !

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