J-Shaped Wire Hold Downs

J-Shaped Wire Hold Downs

  • 10 Pack $1.49 SBHD-10
  • 100 Pack $11.95 SBHD-100

These J-shaped hold wire hold downs are excellent for securing 1/2" tubing, 3/4" tubing, or Drip tape in place. They are easy to use and work well in most soils.

The wire hold downs now feature pointed ends to make it easier to apply them in hard ground.

  • Galvanized
  • 7" long
  • J-Shaped

Customer Reviews

J hold downs
I’m using these to keep my watering system tubes in place and for holding down landscaping fabric. Try work great for both!
J-Hooks work well to hold down drip lines
We have raised 2”x12” beds with 3/4-inch main drip tubing. These J-hooks work perfectly to fit into holes drilled into the 2” top to hold down the drip line.
The Best
Great product at a great price. Ordering more! Drip Works is a great solution.
J-Shaped Wire Hold Downs
very strong and stay where you want them.
J shaped wire hold downs
Very good product there strong and long enough not to rica back up. Great price too ! Highly recommended.

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