1/4" Micro-Flow Valve - Barbed

1/4" Micro-Flow Valve - Barbed

  • 5 Pack $3.49 14VFV-5
  • 20 Pack $12.95 14VFV-20
  • 50 Pack $29.95 14VFV-50

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Make any mini-sprinkler or sprayer adjustable by inserting a 1/4" Micro-Flow Valve on a 1/4" line. Micro-Flow valves can also be used in place of 1/4" transfer barbs to control the water flow to individual plants. The barbed Micro-Valve can be used with 1/4" Polyethylene Micro Tubing and 1/4" Soaker Dripline.

Customer Reviews

Not for adjusting flow
By Grant on 8/13/2017
These work great as on/off valves. however, I wanted to adjust flow and they work poorly for this function. I suspect there are just two holes that align inside so you really only have a few degrees of flow adjustment.
By JOHN on 7/26/2017
Great pridout
1/4" Barbed valve
By Jeff on 7/21/2017
Works as advertised, happy with purchase. |Shipping was bit high, but what isn't these days.
Best on the Market
By Bruce on 7/15/2017
I use your valves as water control valves when cutting gem stones. Your valves are the best valve on the market for precise water control. DripWorks valves are the only valve I use for all my lapidary and stone sculpture tools.
1/4" Micro-Flow Valve - Barbed
By George on 7/5/2017
They work well. The direction indicator helps in controlling the flow.
I needed less than .5 gph
By Edward on 6/26/2017
I needed less than .5 gph - I am using this to spray water into a birdbath. working perfectly!
Valve review
By Von on 6/21/2017
Works fine, as expected.
Perfect solution
By Conley on 6/17/2017
We have a number of flower planters across the front of the house. Unfortunately, they don't all have the same water requirements, so I get to make the adjustments. A flow valve at each drip emitter allows me to fine tune the process to exactly what I need.
1/4" Micro Flow Valve Barbed
By Bruce on 6/9/2017
These valves worked great. Easy to install, no leaks. They allow me to turn off individual lines in my raised beds.
Good 1/4 valve
By Nina on 5/2/2015
I use one of these for each 1/4" emitter line on my raised beds. It's convenient to be able to turn off the water flow to any row if it's not used. Highly recommend :)

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