1/4" Micro-Flow Valve - Barbed

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  • Matthew - Apr 7th 2021

    Another great item

    I've never been disappointed in a product from Dripworks and these elbows are no exception.

  • Timothy - Mar 10th 2021

    Dripworks has the best prices I found for this item !!!

    Dripworks is amazing. Very happy with their prices and customer service !

  • Cathy - Sep 17th 2020

    easy solution

    I love these valves. They are easy to install and allow me to regulate the water in my beds according to the needs of different plants. Perfect!

  • Lance - Aug 29th 2020

    Great with 1/4" soaker dripline

    I get a 20 or 50 package of these with about every order. They go at the beginning and end of every 1/4" soaker dripline, this makes it a breeze to shut off individual lines, or to flush them frequently, Good for any 1/4" sprayer or Ein Dor sprinkler as well!

  • Barbara - Aug 7th 2020

    Best company, best products

    So happy I found DripWorks! Everything I buy from this company works well, is reasonably priced, and is shipped quickly. Unless some drastic changes happen with this company, it is 100% reliable as are their products.

  • JOE - Aug 2nd 2020

    1/4” barbed flow valve

    I ordered 50 of these and were shipped out fast and I was able to save money. Thanks

  • RICK - Jul 31st 2020

    Great little valves

    These are great for flushing out quarter inch drip line tubing.

  • MICHAEL - Jul 24th 2020

    1/4" valves

    they work good for small tube shut-offs

  • Larry D - Jun 14th 2020

    1/4" valve

    Hard to turn valve. They do not leak

  • William J - May 26th 2020

    1/4" barbed valve

    Good product. I use these valves both to shut off a subset of emitters for a particular plant or to shutoff all the emitters for a plant. Gives me options that allows me to mix & match the plants one any one circuit that have different watering needs. Works well. good quality.


If you're looking to add versatility to your watering regimen, consider the 1/4" Micro-Flow Barbed Valve from DripWorks. This 1/4" water valve will make any mini-sprinkler or sprayer adjustable. Simply insert it in a 1/4" line.

You can also use these valves instead of 1/4" transfer barbs to control water flow to individual plants. A quick and simple quarter turn is all it takes to shut the valve off or turn it on.

Use this barbed Micro-Valve with 1/4" Polyethylene Micro Tubing and 1/4" Soaker Dripline. We offer these valves in convenient five-packs as well as economical 20-packs and 50-packs that deliver bulk savings.

Have questions about these valves or about anything else irrigation-related, such as how to repair a punctured sprinkler line? Call or email us. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff members will offer helpful advice.

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