1/4" Micro-Flow Valve - Barbed

1/4" Micro-Flow Valve - Barbed

  • 5 Pack $3.49 14VFV-5
  • 20 Pack $12.95 14VFV-20
  • 50 Pack $29.95 14VFV-50

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Make any mini-sprinkler or sprayer adjustable by inserting a 1/4" Micro-Flow Valve on a 1/4" line. Micro-Flow valves can also be used in place of 1/4" transfer barbs to control the water flow to individual plants. The barbed Micro-Valve can be used with 1/4" Polyethylene Micro Tubing and 1/4" Soaker Dripline. The valve will turn on or off with a simple quarter turn.

Customer Reviews

1/4" Micro-Flow Valve - Barbed
By Pete on 8/25/2019
I bought this to replace "DripWorks 100' Drip Tape Roll Medium Flow" because the area in which I used it was frequented by rabbits. When they ran off, their nails punctured the tape. Using the 1/4 " Micro-Flow Valve solved that problem....should have purchased it to begin with.
1/4” Micro-Flow Valve- Barbed
By Thomas on 5/25/2019
These valves allow me to be efficient with one of my most valuable resources, WATER!!!
By Nick on 4/17/2019
Work really great. Can control individual lines.
1/4" barbed valve
By Greg on 9/30/2018
These valves work great. Easy to install, shut off the water when needed. No complaints.
Just works
By Sugato on 7/16/2018
As described
very good 1/4 inch line shut
By Tom on 7/7/2018
These do a great job and have good flow. Valve is a little tight to turn. Barbs go easily in the soft and hard tubing. Old valves were easier to tell visually if they are open or closed, but if you look close, you can tell.
Another great product
By Tammy on 6/26/2018
Love these valves - helps me to better control watering on different levels. We have bought from Dripworks for years, nothing has failed yet. They sell quality products and they are always helpful.
1/4" Micro-Flow Valve - Barbed
By Rick on 5/16/2018
easy to use
performs as intended
solves to isolate a branch
Valves work as expected:
By Mark on 5/8/2018
I recommend these valves. They work as expected.
micro flow valve
By Steve on 4/16/2018
good quality use them in greenhouse many uses just plain handy
Not for adjusting flow
By Grant on 8/13/2017
These work great as on/off valves. however, I wanted to adjust flow and they work poorly for this function. I suspect there are just two holes that align inside so you really only have a few degrees of flow adjustment.
By JOHN on 7/26/2017
Great pridout
1/4" Barbed valve
By Jeff on 7/21/2017
Works as advertised, happy with purchase. |Shipping was bit high, but what isn't these days.
Best on the Market
By Bruce on 7/15/2017
I use your valves as water control valves when cutting gem stones. Your valves are the best valve on the market for precise water control. DripWorks valves are the only valve I use for all my lapidary and stone sculpture tools.
1/4" Micro-Flow Valve - Barbed
By George on 7/5/2017
They work well. The direction indicator helps in controlling the flow.
I needed less than .5 gph
By Edward on 6/26/2017
I needed less than .5 gph - I am using this to spray water into a birdbath. working perfectly!
Valve review
By Von on 6/21/2017
Works fine, as expected.
Perfect solution
By Conley on 6/17/2017
We have a number of flower planters across the front of the house. Unfortunately, they don't all have the same water requirements, so I get to make the adjustments. A flow valve at each drip emitter allows me to fine tune the process to exactly what I need.
1/4" Micro Flow Valve Barbed
By Bruce on 6/9/2017
These valves worked great. Easy to install, no leaks. They allow me to turn off individual lines in my raised beds.
Good 1/4 valve
By Nina on 5/2/2015
I use one of these for each 1/4" emitter line on my raised beds. It's convenient to be able to turn off the water flow to any row if it's not used. Highly recommend :)

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