1/4" Transfer Barbs

1/4" Transfer Barbs

  • 10 Pack $1.49 14TB-10
  • 50 Pack $6.95 14TB-50

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The 1/4" transfer barb is the most common used with 1/4" Polyethylene Micro Tubing and 1/4" soaker drip line. It can be used to connect two pieces 1/4" tubing together or to connect 1/4" tubing to a mainline.

A long transfer barb is also available. It has a longer body which makes it easier to grip.

Customer Reviews

Transfer barbs
By Gregory on 5/31/2018
Does what it should and is pretty tough to break.
Prompt service
By Bear on 5/28/2018
Hassle-free and quick.
work like a charm
By Darren on 4/30/2018
I have had great results using the Dripworks 1/4" transfer barbs for my drip irrigation. Once snapped in they don't leak!
Amazing Resource & knowledgeable staff
By Kathleen on 4/26/2018
Thank you Dripworks for being so awesome. I never know how to approach my irrigation projects. But your staff is always ready with the answers. I used the online Chat option which was super handy because I was able to have the chat emailed to me for reference when I was ready to order.

You all rock!!!!!
The Quality Connection
By John on 4/18/2018
I've used hundreds of 1/4" Transfer Barbs because they are an essential part of my drip irrigation system. DripWorks offers the highest quality 1/4" Transfer Barb I've used. They consistently provide a reliable connection that has never leaked. I highly recommend DripWorks 1/4" Transfer Barb, it's a 'quality connection'.
They work great
By Steve on 3/17/2018
I have been using Dripworks irrigation products for 3 years, and they always work great.
Transfer Barbs
By Lynn on 3/14/2018
These have work for me every time.
DripWorks to the rescue
By Paul Palazzo on 7/14/2017
The entire line of DripWorks irrigation products are great.
1/4" transfer barbs.
By Jeffrey on 7/7/2017
Small leaks where it goes into the main line. I did use the correct size punch.
By Leslie on 6/17/2017
Super easy to use. Imperative for a functional drip line.
By Zack on 6/8/2017
Thanks for the great product!

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