1/4" Transfer Barbs

1/4" Transfer Barbs

  • 10 Pack $1.49 14TB-10
  • 50 Pack $6.95 14TB-50

The 1/4" transfer barb is the most common used with 1/4" Polyethylene Micro Tubing and 1/4" soaker drip line. It can be used to connect two pieces 1/4" tubing together or to connect 1/4" tubing to a mainline.

A long transfer barb is also available. It has a longer body which makes it easier to grip.

Customer Reviews

FIVE star service
GREAT price! Ships FAST!
Good product. Wish shipping was less.
I originally ordered 2-50 packs and some 1/4" tubing. Shipping for this was reasonable. But now I need 2 more 50 packs and won't spend the $4 to ship it. Merchandise is on $13.90. It wouldn't cost $4 in first class postage for something that only weighs a couple of ounces.
1/4" transfer barbs
Easy to install if you have the right type of pliers.
1/4" transfer barbs
These work so very well with 1/4" tubing to set up drippers and sprayers. I am extremely happy with the dripworks products. My irrigation system is coming together better than expected.
Very good
The tool and 1/4 barbs worked great for us.
They work
they work
Just what I needed
Wonderful service, very quick delivery. Repeat Customer.
1/4 barb fitting
These are nice quality barbs. I used them to extend my 1/4 tubing to raise the height of the emitters above the grass.
These work great
Easy to install and use to connect ¼" tubing to each other, or to supply line.
Transfer barbs
These little guys are easy to use and made the installation of my irrigation system seamless.
All the materials I bought and especially the Barbs are great. My green house waters with a turn of a faucet. Thank you
1/4" Transfer Barbs
I have been using these for 25 years and I have never had one fail in that length of time.
I like your 1/4” barbs more than any others I’ve ever purchased
Great company
I have been ordering from dripworks for many years for my irrigation supplies for my garden. They have always been an excellent company to work with and I highly recommend them.
More Better
I've used Dripworks transfer barbs for 20 years or so and the new ones are the best so far. The last iteration was smaller, but the diameter of the barb was much smaller. The new ones are bigger (still 1/4 inch) and the inside diameter is much larger, resulting in more flow or more drippers on the line. These are great and priced much better than the cheapos at the big box stores.
1/4" transfer barbs
Worked great.
Great products, great service
I recently purchased more 1/4" transfer barbs for my drip irrigation. I could get them locally without paying shipping, but the ones I get from Dripworks are the easiest to use and never seem to fail.
Work great
These work just as designed.
1/4" barb
These work as described. It is a good idea to buy setting tool, or you need a strong hand to set them.
Get water where you need it
Makes it easy to control the flow of water around the garden
Super Amazing Awesome 1/4" Transfer Barbs
Not only do they work as advertised, but they seem to provide a road map on my search for the nature of consciousness. It's fair to say that they have changed my life.
1/4" transfer barb
The transfer barbs work the way it was designed to do. Very happy with the product but the plastic bag it comes in should be changed to a zip lock to prevent the barbs from spilling out.
Good source for needed parts - Part 2
I was able to use DripWorks for the parts to complete and maintain my dripline irrigation that stores like Lowe's and Home Depot don't see capable of understanding are actually needed despite many requests over the last few years. DripWorks offers the needed parts, at a reasonable cost and ship in a timely fashion.
Good source for needed parts
After dealing a lot with Lowe's and Home Depot, I have found that DripWorks offers what is needed to actually complete installing drip line irrigation. The big box stores only stock what they feel you should have without really asking those who maintain our systems. DripWorks offers all the parts, at a reasonable cost and ships in a timely fashion.
Transfer barb
These 1/4 " transfer barbs are much easier to install than the longer raindrip barbs. No struggle! They go in easily and stay put.
Total system for drip
For many years I have used Dripworks products at my home and at rental properties. I use a combination of the half inch and quarter inch tubing, both drip and solid, with drippers and sprayers added as needed. Very easy and logical. These barbs are just one piece of the system, so I am reviewing the whole system.
Transfer barbs
Does what it should and is pretty tough to break.
Prompt service
Hassle-free and quick.
work like a charm
I have had great results using the Dripworks 1/4" transfer barbs for my drip irrigation. Once snapped in they don't leak!
Amazing Resource & knowledgeable staff
Thank you Dripworks for being so awesome. I never know how to approach my irrigation projects. But your staff is always ready with the answers. I used the online Chat option which was super handy because I was able to have the chat emailed to me for reference when I was ready to order.

You all rock!!!!!
The Quality Connection
I've used hundreds of 1/4" Transfer Barbs because they are an essential part of my drip irrigation system. DripWorks offers the highest quality 1/4" Transfer Barb I've used. They consistently provide a reliable connection that has never leaked. I highly recommend DripWorks 1/4" Transfer Barb, it's a 'quality connection'.
They work great
I have been using Dripworks irrigation products for 3 years, and they always work great.
Transfer Barbs
These have work for me every time.
DripWorks to the rescue
The entire line of DripWorks irrigation products are great.
1/4" transfer barbs.
Small leaks where it goes into the main line. I did use the correct size punch.
Super easy to use. Imperative for a functional drip line.
Thanks for the great product!

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