1/4" Transfer Barbs

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  • Bernice - Jun 4th 2021

    transfer barbs

    These do exactly what is expected and are easy to use.

  • Conrad - May 16th 2021

    Transfer Barbs

    Easy to use, I dip the 1/4” hose in hot water and they glide on.

  • laure - Apr 27th 2021

    Transfer barbs

    I love everything I’ve bought from dripworks which is a lot. My garden thanks me for installing this fantastic system

  • Steven - Mar 19th 2021

    FIVE star service

    GREAT price! Ships FAST!

  • Barry G - Mar 15th 2021

    Good product. Wish shipping was less.

    I originally ordered 2-50 packs and some 1/4" tubing. Shipping for this was reasonable. But now I need 2 more 50 packs and won't spend the $4 to ship it. Merchandise is on $13.90. It wouldn't cost $4 in first class postage for something that only weighs a couple of ounces.

  • William - Oct 22nd 2020

    1/4" transfer barbs

    Easy to install if you have the right type of pliers.

  • Nick - Sep 11th 2020

    1/4" transfer barbs

    These work so very well with 1/4" tubing to set up drippers and sprayers. I am extremely happy with the dripworks products. My irrigation system is coming together better than expected.

  • Legacy Organics - Aug 27th 2020

    Very good

    The tool and 1/4 barbs worked great for us.

  • James - Aug 8th 2020

    They work

    they work

  • Brenda - Jul 13th 2020

    Just what I needed

    Wonderful service, very quick delivery. Repeat Customer.


The 1/4" transfer barb is the most common used with 1/4" Polyethylene Micro Tubing and 1/4" soaker drip line. It can be used to connect two pieces 1/4" tubing together or to connect 1/4" tubing to a mainline.

A long transfer barb is also available. It has a longer body which makes it easier to grip.

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