1/4" Soaker Dripline 12" Spacing

1/4" Soaker Dripline 12" Spacing

  • 100' $14.95 DSD12
  • 500' $71.95 DSD12500

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This 1/4" polyethylene tubing has small emitters pre-installed every 12". It is flexible and can be wound through flower beds or borders, around trees or shrubs, run down rows or raised vegetable beds and can be used in container planting. It is an inexpensive and effective method for watering a variety of plants and gardens. Soaker Dripline also works well with gravity and low pressure systems.

Watch our Soaker Dripline video to see how easy it is to install.

Flow rate is measured in gallons per hour (GPH) and varies with pressure

  • Flow rate at 10 PSI is approximately 42 GPH per 100' roll (0.42 GPH per emitter)
  • Flow rate at 20 PSI is approximately 60 GPH per 100' roll (0.60 GPH per emitter)
  • Flow rate at 30 PSI is approximately 80 GPH per 100' roll (0.80 GPH per emitter)

Maximum recommended run length for a row of 12" spaced Soaker Dripline is 34 feet

How to use Soaker Dripline:

  • Use a punch to make a 1/4" hole in the mainline tubing where each line of Soaker Dripline will connect.
  • Insert a 1/4" transfer barb or 1/4" micro flow valve into the beginning of each line of Soaker Dripline, then connect to the mainline tubing.
  • Place the Soaker Dripline around your plants, being careful not to exceed the maximum run length for a single line.
  • Use a 1/4" goof plug to seal off the end of each line of Soaker Dripline.
  • Use U-shaped or J-shaped wire hold downs to pin the Soaker Dripline in place.
  • The Miracle Insert Tool can be used to easily insert tranfer barbs and goof plugs into Soaker Dripline.

Customer Reviews

By Christopher on 5/20/2019
Overall good customer service, fast shipment and accurate order fulfillment. This would turn into a five star review if shipping was not so expensive.
Love it
By Alexandra on 5/9/2019
Set up was easy, working like a charm!
So far so good....Hoping it doesn't plug up!
By Patric on 6/25/2018
I buried the soaker in about 3 inches of ground...I am worried about dirt plugging up the drip holes.
Love my dripline!
By Douglas on 5/31/2018
Works great! Use several hundred feet over the last few years.
love this drip line
By Peggy on 5/22/2018
Sturdy, easy to work with. So far so good.
Never disappointing
By Chris on 5/10/2018
Great products, reasonable prices
1/4 inch drip line hose
By Joe C on 3/31/2018
Love my drip line hose makes it easier to water my garden spaced at 12 inch intervals perfect.
Quality all around
By ALICIA on 7/5/2017
Easy ordering, speedy delivery, quality product at a great price. Thanks!
1/4" soaker dripline: versatile, easy to use.
By The Plant Guy on 6/30/2017
Easy to use product for my blueberry & conifers in containers. I use a 1/4" barbed coupler & 1/4" poly line off 1/2" poly tubing with stakes holding the line on the soil surface. Great on hilly terrain too; very little water run off.
Soaker Dripline
By Stephanie on 6/26/2017
Flexible to work with. Plenty of length for a small garden. 12" spacing works well with distance between plants. Works well with pressure regulator.

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