2-Way Fogger w/Anti-drip

2-Way Fogger w/Anti-drip

This versatile 2-way fogger from Rivulis is great for seed propagation, greenhouse humidification or livestock cooling. The built-in anti-drip prevents over-watering after the system shuts off.



  • Flow Rate: 3.1 GPH at 50 PSI
  • Pressure Range: 50 - 72 PSI
  • Average Droplet Size:70 micron
  • Filtration Requirements: 200 mesh (see filters)

To install a 2-Way Fogger with anti-drip into poly tubing:

  • Use a punch to make a 1/4" hole in the poly tubing.
  • Assemble the press-fit components before inserting into tubing.
  • To assemble: insert one end of the press-fit coupler (MENIP) into the top of the 2-Way Fogger and the other end into the press-fit barb (MEBARB).
  • Insert the barbed end of the press-fit barb into the hole punched in the poly tubing.

To install a 2-Way Fogger with anti-drip into PVC pipe:

  • Drill a 7/16" hole into 3/4" or larger PVC pipe, use a bit that will not shatter PVC (GROMDRILL).
  • Insert the grommet (MEGRO) into the hole.
  • Thread the 2-Way Fogger into the grommet.

Customer Reviews

Two way fogger
It is too strong for a medium sized greenhouse when trying to propagate. I am trying to find another option as we are growing impatiens from seed.
Good No-drip Fogger
I had tried other approaches to get rid of the dripping from sprayers but none worked. But this one has an ingenious way of getting rid of the drip.
Ask a question, got a bad answer
I got this sprayer, which I want to install in my greenhouse but it won't screen into the existing PVC connection. I asked for an adapter and got the standard answer on how to install it. Not good.
Better than brass
Great little misters. They don't clog as easy as the brass and are much easier to clean. Gets marked down for the anti~drip. Every one has failed to work properly so I just take them off.. The anti~drip is not a large issue in my configurations.

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