Press-Fit Barb

Press-Fit Barb

  • 5 Pack $1.69 MEBARB-5
  • 100 Pack $14.95 MEBARB-100

This press-fit barb is used to insert a press-fit sprinkler (Ein Dor, Wing, or Tornado Misters) into 1/4" micro tubing or directly into 1/2" or larger mainline tubing. Simply press the sprinkler head into the larger side of the press-fit barb fitting and insert the 1/4" barbed end of the fitting into the tubing.

If installing the sprinkler or mister overhead (inverted) a press-fit anti-drip device should also be used.

To install a press-fit sprinkler or mister and anti-drip device into poly tubing:

  • Use a punch to make a 1/4" hole in the poly tubing.
  • Assemble the press-fit components before inserting into tubing.
  • To assemble: connect the threaded end of the anti-drip device (MEAD) to the press-fit mister or sprinkler (Tornado Mister, Ein Dor, or Wing Sprinkler). Then connect the press-fit side of the anti-drip device to the press-fit barb (MEBARB).
  • Insert the barbed end of the press-fit barb into the hole punched in the poly tubing.

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Great selection, online ordering is simple and intuitive and shipping is very efficient and I got my parts as fast as I could have expected! Mahalo!
another great product
These press barbs are the perfect solution for mounting the sprinklers. To the tubing

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