Press-Fit Barb

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  • Tomato Head - May 24th 2021

    Best mini-sprinkers ever!

    Ein Dor sprinklers are the best I’ve found for small area circular pattern watering. Add one of their valves and you can really nicely control the area to be covered. Occasionally you pop one off the riser if your pressure is too high but these are hands down the best. I’ve ordered these 4 or 5 times from DripWorks. Love em!

  • Steven - Apr 21st 2020


    Great selection, online ordering is simple and intuitive and shipping is very efficient and I got my parts as fast as I could have expected! Mahalo!

  • Ted - May 8th 2018

    another great product

    These press barbs are the perfect solution for mounting the sprinklers. To the tubing


This press-fit barb is used to insert a press-fit sprinkler (Ein Dor, Wing, or Tornado Misters) into 1/4" micro tubing or directly into 1/2" or larger mainline tubing. Simply press the sprinkler head into the larger side of the press-fit barb fitting and insert the 1/4" barbed end of the fitting into the tubing.

If installing the sprinkler or mister overhead (inverted) a press-fit anti-drip device should also be used.

To install a press-fit sprinkler or mister and anti-drip device into poly tubing:

  • Use a punch to make a 1/4" hole in the poly tubing.
  • Assemble the press-fit components before inserting into tubing.
  • To assemble: connect the threaded end of the anti-drip device (MEAD) to the press-fit mister or sprinkler (Tornado Mister, Ein Dor, or Wing Sprinkler). Then connect the press-fit side of the anti-drip device to the press-fit barb (MEBARB).
  • Insert the barbed end of the press-fit barb into the hole punched in the poly tubing.

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