Grommet for Anti-Drip

Grommet for Anti-Drip


This grommet is used to create a watertight seal when inserting a press-fit sprinkler and anti-drip device into a PVC supply line.

It is also used to connect the 4-Way Fogger with Anti-Drip (MF4W) to a PVC supply line.

How to use this grommet to install a press-fit sprinkler into PVC pipe:

  • Drill a 7/16" hole into 3/4" or larger PVC pipe, use a bit that will not shatter PVC (GROMDRILL).
  • Insert the grommet (MEGRO) into the hole.
  • Assemble the press-fit components before inserting into PVC pipe.
  • To assemble: use the press-fit coupler (MECPL) to connect the anti-drip device (MEAD) to the press-fit mister or sprinkler (Tornado Mister, Ein Dor, or Wing Sprinkler).
  • Thread the anti-drip device into the grommet.

Customer Reviews

Excellent Customer Service
Their customer service is great, efficient, fast, and appreciated. I'm assembling my first drip irrigation. I don't want to wait for my parts to arrive one at a time. That's what happened with a big box store. Drip Works should be the first place you shop.
Came on time.
I ordered the adapter for a anti-drip sprayer for my greenhouse. I need to drill a 7/16 hole to put the adapter. They came at the time they come.

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