Inverted Mini-Wobblers

Inverted Mini-Wobblers

  • Inverted Mini-Wobbler (Beige) $5.95 MWIBG
  • Inverted Mini-Wobbler (Gold) $5.95 MWIG
  • Mini-Wobbler Anti-Drip $5.98 MWANTI

These inverted Mini-Wobbler sprinklers are specially designed for overhead watering applications. They produce an even spray that is great for propagation and container watering.

An anti-drip device (MWANTI) can be added to inverted Mini-Wobblers to prevent them from dripping after the system shuts down. Anti-Drip devices are sold separately.


  • Great for seed propagation
  • Outstanding Uniformity - Fine Droplets
  • Pipe Thread: 1/2" Male Pipe Thread
  • Operating Pressure: 20 - 25 PSI

Anti-drip device (MWANTI):

  • 1/2" MPT inlet x 1/2" MPT female outlet
  • Minimum opening pressure 22 PSI
  • Minimum closing pressure 6.5 PSI
  • Flow 0.25 to 5 GPM
  • Unique mode design- open, check and closed
SKUColorGPH @ 20 PSI *DiameterGPH @ 25 PSI *Diameter
MWIG Gold 66 GPH 34 ft 75 GPH 34.5 ft
MWIBG Beige 45 GPH 32 ft 50.4 GPH 32.5 ft

*Diameter at 6' above beds.

Customer Reviews

Great overhead wide area sprayers
I use these for overhead application in shade houses. They provide a wide, uniform, fine spray with very good coverage. They are tough as nails and I have not had one fail in several years of use. Be careful with the flow rate and don't be afraid to space them according to the specs. They throw a lot of water, so you can't put that many on a zone. Also, you might want to drop them a bit from the roof line so you dont lose spray hitting supports or a sloped roof line.
Performed just as stated with a nice spread on the irrigation.

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