1/4" Threaded Connectors

1/4" Threaded Connectors

  • 10 Pack $1.69 14WTTB-10
  • 50 Pack $7.49 14WTTB-50

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This fitting has 1/4" threads (10/32) on each side and is used to connect 1/4" Rigid Risers to PVC pipe. To use, drill a hole in the PVC pipe and tap with 10/32 thread. Twist one end of the connector into the Rigid Riser (5 Pack) and the other end into the PVC pipe.

This connector can also be used when connecting a Rigid Riser (5 Pack) to poly tubing.

Use the back of the Yellow Handle Punch to thread the connector to the Rigid Riser (5 Pack).

Use a Stabilizer Stake to support Rigid Riser (5 Pack) when inserted into mainline tubing.

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