1/4" Barbed Tees

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  • JILL - May 9th 2021

    Love these people

    Always great performance from folks at Dripworks!!!

  • Anna - Sep 18th 2020


    We simply love this group of people and their business. It was hard finding them initially but so very glad we have!

  • Richard - Jul 14th 2020

    Irrigation supplies

    The irrigation components worked very well and went together nicely. There is no leaking even under pretty high water pressure.

  • Jerri - Jul 14th 2020


    Fast service, good quality product.

  • Bill - Jul 9th 2020

    1/4 Barbed Tees - Great

    Great product and company!!!!!!!!

  • Mike - Jun 27th 2020

    owner/tomato sunrise farm

    worked perfect-saved time and I used less of the 1/4 tubing to water all of our tomatoes and pepper plants.

  • Patrick - May 26th 2020

    1/4 barbed tee

    Tees are made with quality plastic, easily able to push in. If you let the 1/4 tubing sit in the sun a little bit it makes em push in like butter!

  • Clyde - Aug 18th 2019


    Put the t in the tube when the tubing is warm and more flexible. Wear gloves to get a better grip. Once the t is in the tube it is not coming apart. It’s easy, enjoy!

  • RON - Aug 7th 2019

    To long

    Could be shorter between connections

  • Karon - Jun 11th 2019

    System really works!

    DripWorks has every quality part you'll need for the configuration you want to build to get water to every part of your garden. I've used the 1/4" Barbed Tee to split my 1/4 tubes and drip lines so I can direct water to a plant and then continue to the next. Works like a charm. Thanks DripWorks!


A 1/4" barbed tee is used to make a branch line in 1/4" Polyethylene Micro Tubing to reach a group of remote plants.

It is often easier to run a single 1/4" line to a group of remote plants and then use 1/4" tees and/or crosses to supply multiple emitters.

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