Male Hose x 3/4" PVC Glue-In Adapter

Male Hose x 3/4" PVC Glue-In Adapter


This fitting has male hose threads on one end a 3/4" socket fitting on the other. The socket fitting requires glue.

Customer Reviews

Needs different glue
The title says pvc, but it seems more like ABS, which wants a different cement/glue/etc. With christy's or regular oatey glue, it sets extremely fast. Can't even get the fittings all the way in before it locks. Didn't try using abs glue, guessing it would work better. Not gonna run 2 different glues while doing irrigation. Wish dripworks would replace this a sch40, white pvc adaptor. Same with the 1/2 slip-ezlok. Bummer

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