Pressure Gauges (Liquid-Filled)

Pressure Gauges (Liquid-Filled)

  • 100 PSI $11.95 PGH100
  • 30 PSI $11.95 PGH30

Liquid-filled gauges are more accurate than standard air-filled gauges. The hose swivel adapter inlet can be easily attached to a faucet, garden hose, or any hose threaded fitting. These gauges are not designed for constant pressure and must be removed after use.

These gauges can be used anywhere on a drip system to measure pressure (PSI) in specific areas. To install into 1/2" tubing, install a male hose tee (ELMT or CMT) and simply attach the female hose thread inlet of the gauge to the male hose end of the tee. After obtaining the pressure reading, remove the gauge and use a hose cap (HCAP) to close off the tee.

Gauges must be removed after use, they are not designed for continuous/constant use. 1/4" liquid-filled pressure gauges are also available.

Customer Reviews

lPressure Gauge 0=100 PSI
This gauge is very easy to use and the shipping from this company is very good.
Pressure gauge
Excellent product
Low Pressure Gauge
Works great for low pressure readout in dripline applications.
Works Great!
I purchased this gauge to check the pressure coming off the pressurized irrigation system. I estimated it to be 60 PSI. The gauge found the pressure to be 62 PSI.
My last one broke so I got a new one. Looks the same. Haven't installed it yet

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