Galcon Bluetooth Flip Open LCD Timer

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  • Kevin - May 29th 2021

    Galcon BT timer

    Have two and they are easy to program and use.

  • Steve - May 14th 2021

    Love this timer

    I've been using this timer for years now, it works good, the app works well. You have to remember to disconnect them before it drops below freezing and store them indoors fulls drained out and remove the battery. They work and last more than one season.

  • Ann - Aug 18th 2020


    We now have 3 Galcon Bluetooth timers. Once we figured out the program, we have routinely watered an array of containers and vegetable beds on schedule. Great find for senior gardeners.

  • ARTHUR C Petersen, Jr. - Aug 16th 2020


    I have been using these for over 10 years and I love their durability and the ease of programming the timer. I will keep on using them because the timers are the best on the market.

  • Clint - Aug 8th 2020

    Worked fine, then leaks

    Worked great for a month? Having not moved it or touched it, it developed a leak where the garden hose attaches. Tried new rubber washer. Still leaks. Frustrating.

  • Ron - Jul 6th 2020

    Bluetooth lacks connectivity

    In order to use bluetooth with my Galaxy phone, I have to shut off wifi and be within 10-15 feet of timer. Not convenient.

  • Dale - May 18th 2019

    Good timer with some problems

    This is my 3rd year with this timer. It works well. The Bluetooth has poor range so that if I want to skip a cycle I often have to go outside next to the timer to initiate the rain delay. If it’s cold it seems impossible to connect so you have to manually initiate the change. A battery will typically last the whole season but last year I came home to find the irrigation system running continuously, apparently for a few days. The battery dead.

  • Vince - Mar 28th 2019

    Unable to use bluetooth feature

    Timer works well manually, but the app for Galcon has so many bugs and glitches and I have yet to be able to pair the timer with the app. I've reached out to Galcon several times with no response. This appears to be a common issue per other reviews. Wish I have purchased a different timer.

  • Lorraine - Dec 26th 2017

    great timer

    I purchased one of these before and it works wonderfully! I am expanding the farm and need a second timer that is easy to use and set up.

  • william - Jun 24th 2017

    So nice

    works nicer than I expected, the programming is efficient and flawless. :)


This full-featured battery timer is proof that good things come in small packages. Compact, solid construction and flip open front panel help protect the controller from accidental breakage.


  • Sturdy compact body with flip open panel.
  • Standard female hose thread (FHT) inlet and male hose thread (MHT) outlet.
  • LCD display powers down to extend battery life.
  • Watertight battery compartment.
  • Manual operation setting.
  • Programming can be done between 14-90 feet away from timer depending on surroundings


  • Start Times*: Up to 4 per day
  • Daily, up to every 7 days
  • Duration: 1 minute to 12 hours
  • Pressure Range: 15 - 145 PSI
  • Flow Range: 0.5 - 5.3 gallons per minute (GPM)
  • Batteries: One 9 volt industrial alkaline (not included)
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Manufacturer's Part Number: 11000BT

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