1/2" Figure 8 End

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  • Russ Scheer - Jul 12th 2022

    8 end

    Great product and value, Thanks

  • Steve - Dec 7th 2020

    figure 8

    great product and easy to install

  • Tim - Oct 6th 2020

    Fast backorder

    This was a part of backorder. Did not take long to get. Satisfied with order

  • Molly M - Aug 18th 2020

    Fast, easy, durable

    And essential, if you have hard water. Fact: calcium precipitates more in hot than in cool water and the water in drip tubing gets hot between irrigations. If you have hard water you need to undo the end of each line and flush until no more calcium flakes come out every so often, or even Woodpecker emitters will clog. These go on easily, come off easily, and make a dripless seal if you (contrary to instinct) leave 6" or so beyond the fold. Tip: tie flagging tape near the end of the tubing so you can find the end quickly.

  • Sarah - Aug 9th 2020

    Great product

    I am so happy with the products and service from Dripworks. This is my first irrigation system and it was easy to plan, order and install thanks to the online resources on the company website.

  • Frances - Aug 8th 2020

    Figure 8 hose end

    Figure 8 end clamps are the easy, inexpensive, smart way to plug the end of 1/2 inch drip and distribution lines. I use them and I love them!

  • Luke - Jul 12th 2020

    Figure 8

    I’ve seen a lot of figure 8’s in my time, but the figure 8 from drip works is the best figure 8 I’ve ever seen. It’s top is symmetrical to its bottom and the holes are evenly spaced. A perfect fit for anything you’d typical use a figure 8 for. Best figure 8 since ice skating.

  • Tom - May 30th 2020

    1/2”figure 8 fittings

    These fittings are easy to use and work extremely well in caping the end of a tubing run. Makes it easy to flush the tubing also.

  • Joel - May 6th 2020

    Figure 8 tubing closures

    I used bailing wire for years to close ½” tubing. Very unsatisfactory in many ways. The figure 8 fittings are cheap, quicker and reusable. And DripWorks do a great job in getting orders out.

  • Anthony - Jan 4th 2020


    The best way close off the end of my 1/2" mainline. Easy-off for the end of the season draining and storage.


The most common drip irrigation fitting used to end 1/2" mainline. Simply slip over the end of the line, bend the 1/2" tubing over, and slip over the end again.

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