Tape Loc Coupler

Tape Loc Coupler

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The Tape Coupler is used to connect two sections of drip tape together. Always keep a few extra couplers on hand in case repairs need to be made.

Color may vary.

Customer Reviews

Best in drip
I have been purchasing from DripWorks for many years. What keeps me coming back is that they have a great inventory and have been very helpful over the phone in diagnosing needs for various projects.
Works great for repairing drip tape. Can be a little tricky to get the hang of twisting the right way at first.
Tape Loc Couplers
Good product for splicing drip lines. Works better on lines with 8psi and 12psi pressure reducers. I have trouble stopping leaks when I use the couplers on lines where I have a 20psi reducer.
Tape loc coupler
Fast delivery. Quality product
Solid product solved my problem!
These couplers saved my drip tape! They were heavier duty than I expected and installed so easily. I was able to salvage several feet of drip tape by fixing leaks this way.
I love DripWorks drip tape & connectors
DripWorks drip tape and the various connectors for it (I love the valves the best) are great and save me from lugging water or hoses. The tape survived well over last winter.
Tape Loc Coupler
They work great. Saves a lot of time
Tape Loc Coupler
I'm not exactly young anymore and my hands don't work very well. I love the drip work tape irrigation and Tape Loc Couplers -- easy to use and work great the first time, even for me!
Fast shipping, right parts
I was surprised at how easy it was to order and get my parts in a very short amount of time. Will be doing more business with this company.
Drip system
Very good quality and very easy to use. I tried the system and it worked so well I bought another one My plants are very happy!!
Easy to use. keeps the tape useful longer, as I can cut a small leak and couple instead of replacing line.
Drip tape
Bought drip tape kit and covered 4000 sq garden area. Save water and pump from running. Water each area on low flow for 1.5 hours. Great coverage saves rime and money
Fast shipping and wonderful products
Ordered on line...all went smoothly and all was delivered quicker than I thought...ordered drip tape and parts. Have utilized Drip Works for over 12 years...here at Pozo Organic Farm and earlier at Clark Valley Organic Farm in Los Osos. CA. Seems to be a well run company
Tape Loc Coupler
They work great, quality product and fast delivery
Tape Loc Coupler
Easy to use even for people with sore, weak hands! Love the bright green, which makes them easy to find.
good and fast
good products quickly.
Works Great
I bought some drip line and couplers to keep my system going. I appreciate the cost and ease of using this.
Repair drip tape
DripWorks, is a great company to work with, very prompt shipping, good website and catalog with help if you need it.
Tape loc coupler
Worked and installed easily
Works well
This connects 2 pieces together. I found it help full to heat the plastic tubing before using the coupler..When the tubing cools it seals tight to the coupler.
Drip Tape System
I have started using the Drip Tape and the various fittings and couplers. Love this system! Tape does not clog and the water is evenly distributed. The only item that is kinda' off is the tape in closing device that is a "fold over tape and slip on crimping device." I could never get to seal but switched over to the tape end fitting plug with 100% success.
Slight change in look, still works great.
The Cupler looks a little different than the last time I bought some one or two years ago, but it still functions very well and does the job. I highly recommend it.
Tape Loc Coupler
Work well, but have to be careful to ensure that the drip tape doesn't slip out during tightening.
Tape Loc Coupler
The concept is good.
The loc nuts have the tendency to push the drip tape off the barb.
It does work if you get everything just right.
The drip tape needs a clean square cut so once over the barb it can seat against the shoulder of the coupler and at the same time tightening the loc nut which is trying to force the drip tape off the barb.
If your hands are wet/dirty it can be a challenge.
It’s good to have just one fitting and no removable parts to loose.
I have to wonder if the loc nuts were removable and had right hand threads to assist the tape seating against the shoulder while locking the drip tape in place, would this be a better option?
If the drip tape was thicker it may work even better.
Over all it works with effort.
These work great
We use dozens of these every spring to patch "mouse bites" in our drip tape.

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