Tape Loc Coupler

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  • Richard - May 9th 2021

    Tape loc coupler

    Works great

  • Lynn - May 8th 2021

    quick fix for drip tape

    The coupler is so easy to use. Some critter chewed on the pipe and it had numerous holes. I just cut out the bad spot and joined it back together with the coupling.

  • Milton - Aug 23rd 2020

    Best in drip

    I have been purchasing from DripWorks for many years. What keeps me coming back is that they have a great inventory and have been very helpful over the phone in diagnosing needs for various projects.

  • Rusty - Jul 31st 2020


    Works great for repairing drip tape. Can be a little tricky to get the hang of twisting the right way at first.

  • John - Jul 6th 2020

    Tape Loc Couplers

    Good product for splicing drip lines. Works better on lines with 8psi and 12psi pressure reducers. I have trouble stopping leaks when I use the couplers on lines where I have a 20psi reducer.

  • Mike - Jul 5th 2020

    Tape loc coupler

    Fast delivery. Quality product

  • Adelaide - Jun 24th 2020

    Solid product solved my problem!

    These couplers saved my drip tape! They were heavier duty than I expected and installed so easily. I was able to salvage several feet of drip tape by fixing leaks this way.

  • Di - Oct 19th 2019

    I love DripWorks drip tape & connectors

    DripWorks drip tape and the various connectors for it (I love the valves the best) are great and save me from lugging water or hoses. The tape survived well over last winter.

  • Lee - Oct 11th 2019

    Tape Loc Coupler

    They work great. Saves a lot of time

  • Teresa - Aug 17th 2019

    Tape Loc Coupler

    I'm not exactly young anymore and my hands don't work very well. I love the drip work tape irrigation and Tape Loc Couplers -- easy to use and work great the first time, even for me!


The Tape Coupler is used to connect two sections of drip tape together. Always keep a few extra couplers on hand in case repairs need to be made.

Color may vary.

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