1/2" Easy Loc Coupler

1/2" Easy Loc Coupler

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This Easy Loc coupler is used to extend a mainline or branch line or to repair a break by connecting two pieces of 1/2" mainline tubing.

A necessary fitting to repair a drip irrigation system, always have a few on hand.

Customer Reviews

No leaks
By Mike on 7/8/2019
No leaks with this product. Great!
Drip irrigation
By David on 7/7/2019
Your whole system has been great easy to put together and use.
By Paul on 6/5/2019
Easy online access to products; quick turn around once purchased.
Easy Loc coupler
By Robert on 5/28/2019
I think these easy Loc products are great.also easy to use. As I expand my drip system I will continue to use them
Works well and is easy to use
By Delbert on 5/28/2019
All their stuff (except the timers, they are junk buy a simple on from Amazon, I have one of their 80$ ones anyone want it?) works great for me! I have not increased the size of my garden 3 fold over last year and even built a greenhouse. I could not keep up with it without the drip system. The shipping is a little high but I am in Michigan so its going a long way to get here. It is worth it for me!

Remember when you change things you can reuse all the connectors only need to replace the pipe which is the least expensive thing! I will be back again for more.
Great Dripline Coupler
By John on 9/30/2018
The Easy Loc Coupler are so superior to the old pressure style couplers. Anyone can use them, even if you do not have strong hands.
Easy Loc Couplers
By Martha on 9/17/2018
Love these couplers.
Repeat customer
By Elaina on 7/26/2018
I am very happy with this drip system! I originally installed 4 years ago and recently added on to the original install. The drip tape has been withstanding the weather well, which I was really impressed with! Winterizing is easy (just let the system drain), adding on, and making adjustments is also easy. The drip tape has been improved since I originally installed and it much easier to use now. The end caps for the drip tape are still a little tricky to get right. Otherwise, I'm extremely happy with drip works.
Bloomica L
By Fernando on 7/23/2018
Great product, been using for years.
No leak coupler
By William on 7/7/2018
These couplers work really well. I`installed a couple dozen of these and had no leakers. Good product.
By Howard on 7/7/2018
Best vendor in shipping they will split a shipment in order to receive your order
Easy Loc Couplers and More
By Marcia on 6/25/2018
I have always been very pleased with my orders from DripWorks! I love their easy loc couplers! I used to really struggle with the couplers and "T"s but no longer. My orders are correct and come remarkably fast. I highly recommend DripWorks and their products!
Senior friendly
By Stephanie on 6/8/2018
I wanted to install drip in my yard but at 70 with arthritis in the hands, I could never use couplers until I tried Easy Loc. They are fantastic!
By George on 6/3/2018
Easy lock coupling
By jack witterstaetter on 5/27/2018
Better than any same type couplings available in the big box stores
Coupler works
By Tom's Weeds on 4/23/2018
It does the job. Tighten well.
1/2" Easy Loc Couplers
By Michael on 4/20/2018
They work great and can be used over again if you change your water system or grids. I have used the end cap, "t", elbow, shutoff.
Love this coupler
By Edward on 4/20/2018
Have tried many products over the years, but this if by far the simplest and easiest. Our "go to" for all our gardening needs
By Mark on 11/22/2017
This is the perfect coupler for 1/2 poly hose. Could not be simpler to use or more effective!
The only choice
By Michelle on 11/5/2017
The easy loc fittings are the only choice. The valve couplers have been updated and they are much easier to turn and less likely to break (valve handle).
1/2 " easylock coupler
By Frances on 9/26/2017
Superior to anything else for this purpose.

Five star ratings
Good irrigation stuff, quick delivery
By Cherie on 9/19/2017
I like the irrigation items I get from DripWorks. Have used the 1/2-inch drip tubing and Easy Loc fittings for three big projects. It was good to install pressure reducers after the valves for the automatic systems. I got very prompt delivery of my orders. Online info and videos are helpful. It was easy to revise the systems as needed because one can undo the Easy Loc fittings.
Dripworks fittings
By Brian on 7/23/2017
I've used dripworks fittings for 10 years now... Very happy with ease of use, quality and durability...
1/2 couplers
By Chainrai on 7/20/2017
I bought them to extend my mainline. I ended up not using them. But if they work as well as the rest of the system I'm sure they will be fine. Product line is very impressive and easy to use.
MUCH better quality than RainBird
By Natalie on 7/16/2017
Works perfectly, doesn't leak, and can be reused. None of which is true of the brand new RainBird product I used this to replace.
Easy Loc Couplers
By Wendy on 7/12/2017
The Easy Loc couplers are the easiest and most convenients way of building a drip water system. I've tried many other types of couplers and none are as secure and as simple to use. Love that can easily unscrew and reuse or adjust connections.
1/2" easy lock connector
By Jeffrey on 6/24/2017
Excellent product. Excellent service.
Great product
By Wayne on 6/16/2017
These couplings are easy to use and far superior to any that we have purchased from the big box store
easy loc
By Wes on 6/11/2017
Having use many different soft pipe connectors over the years, I have found the Easy Loc are the best available. Also they can easily be re-used. Try them, you will not be disappointed.
I really like Easy Loc's
By Claudine Govier on 3/9/2014
I really like these Easy Loc Couplers. They are leak proof and it is easy to change a configuration without redoing the whole system.
Very easy to use
By Chuck Mahaffee on 3/7/2014
These work really well. Easy to put on, they don't leak and if you need to make a change you can get them off easily as well. Wouldn't use anything else.
5 stars
By Douglas Wittenberg on 4/22/2012
I have tried all the others and these are the best connectors money can buy period.

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