Irritec Deluxe Hose Thread Filters (Y TYPE)

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  • ROGER ELLSWORTH - Feb 19th 2023

    Y type filter

    Quality product. Part of a drip system order to be installed after last frost

  • Mister Dixie - Jul 11th 2021

    Good economical product

    This filter holder is decently sturdy with no real weak points I've found with several uses. Easy to thread, drain, remove media and clean. The fine mesh will clog quick if using Alaska fish fertilizer so go a little more coarse.

  • Eleanor - Jun 1st 2021

    Great filter

    This works perfectly. I installed the unit to filter well water for domestic use. Can stand high pressure. Put timed electric ball valve on the drain and backflush daily, no filter cleaning, ever. Dripworks shipped it without the gasket, it leaked. They mailed me the gasket free of charge.

  • Richard - May 21st 2021


    This is my second filter for a new planting area We have a pressure irrigation water supply that would destroy my drip system with out this filter. They are the best.

  • Beth - Mar 27th 2021

    Farm owner

    Awesome inexpensive filter.

  • Jon - Aug 7th 2020

    Filter review

    I deal with various filters/canisters as a part of my regular job and this unit is worth the cost. The strainer drain emptying directly to the ground with the turn of a valve is the ticket.

  • elizabeth - Jul 24th 2020

    deluxe hose thread filters working well

    I am pleased with this product

  • Frank - Jul 3rd 2020


    Water from my well to impulse sprinklers has a fine grit in it that causes the sprinklers to seize up. This filter has worked fine but needs to be cleaned out occasionally. The blowdown valve doesn’t clear the fine grit, but it’s easy enough to disassemble a clean the mesh screen.

  • Constance - Jul 2nd 2020

    Great customer service

    Judy was GREAT help! I am creating a Lavender Labrynth and was perplexed about how to set up a drip system. She offered great suggestions and seemed just as excited about my project as I was! Thank you, Judy and Dripworks!

  • Heidi - Jul 8th 2019

    Great customer service

    I have been purchasing quite a few products from DripWorks and their customer service is excellent. They have helped me troubleshoot options for setting up my unique system and helping me calculate my needed supplies. When I ordered an item that was backordered, they worked to get me the items as soon as possible. I was astonished how quickly those parts arrived. Definitely a quality company!


These home garden filters attach directly to the male hose threads on a faucet, garden hose or timer. They are great for filtering fairly clean water (municipal or clean well) for home irrigation systems. These filters are not rated for use under constant pressure. They must be placed after automated timers or valves. These Irritec filters have stainless steel screens that if needed could be easily replaced. 


  • Maximum pressure: 120 PSI
  • Maximum flow: 22 gallons per minute (GPM)
  • Durable stainless steel filter screens
  • Convenient drain valve

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