Irritec Deluxe Hose Thread Filters (Y TYPE)

Irritec Deluxe Hose Thread Filters (Y TYPE)

  • 155 Mesh (Yellow) $13.95 FYCH
  • 200 Mesh (Black) $13.95 FYCH200

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These home garden filters attach directly to the male hose threads on a faucet, garden hose or timer. They are great for filtering fairly clean water (municipal or clean well) for home irrigation systems. These filters are not rated for use under constant pressure. They must be placed after automated timers or valves. These Irritec filters have stainless steel screens that if needed could be easily replaced. 


  • Maximum pressure: 120 PSI
  • Maximum flow: 13 gallons per minute (GPM)
  • Durable stainless steel filter screens
  • Convenient drain valve

Customer Reviews

Completely sstisfied.
By steve on 10/8/2017
As advertised. Works great.
A must
By Tim on 7/25/2017
On the drip lines that I did not have a filter the lines clogged in a month. This filter is durable easy to clean and well worth the price.
By mark on 6/26/2017
haven't used this one yet but have others in use work great for keep drip lines working.

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