1/2" Polyethylene Mainline Tubing (0.600" ID x 0.700" OD)

1/2" Polyethylene Mainline Tubing (0.600" ID x 0.700" OD)

  • 50' $13.95 1250
  • 100' $18.95 12100
  • 500' $68.95 12500
  • 1000' $129.95 121000

Versatile and economical enough to suit many uses, this 1/2" polyethylene tubing is the most common size of supply line used for most drip systems. It is often used as a mainline for small to medium-sized gardens. It can also serve as a header or branch line off of a larger mainline.

DripWorks carries this 1/2” black poly tubing in a variety of lengths ranging from 50 feet to 1,000 feet. That lets you pick just the right amount of black tubing you need for your specific application. It is durable and will stand up well to the weather, including intense sunlight.

If you have questions about this product or drip irrigation in general, call us toll-free during business hours. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff can give you information that will save you time and money. You may also fill in and submit our online question form.


  • Size: 0.600" ID x 0.700" OD
  • Max. Pressure: 50 PSI
  • Max. Flow: 240 GPH (4 GPM)
  • Fittings: Use with 1/2" Easy Loc, compression or barbed fittings

Important Notes:

  • This tubing is not rated for use under constant pressure. It must be installed after automated timers and valves.
  • All tubing is nominally sized. There is no industry standard. Refer to the ID and OD measurements for exact tubing size.

Customer Reviews

Drip line
Great product and customer service
Property owner
The tubing is working just as described. The service from DripWorks is great, everything I order arrives quickly.
product review
I always by my 1/2 inch polyethylene tubing from Dripworks because I never have to worry about it not being the right size for my fittings. Love there products.
Drip components
Im not a big fan of online purchases. I like shopping local. The more local the better. That said, this order was perfect from browsing the products available, ordering, paying and delivery. The finished look and quality wont make me a great vegetable grower but it wont be because I didn't purchase great irrigation supplies.
I have used this and all DripWorks products for years and always been more than satisfied!
Good, should be more flexible
I think the 1/2 Tubing was more flexible, but it is good.
great service
great service and a great price
great product, great company
This product is thinner than the 1/2" poly from the local hardware, but also much cheaper, which makes it a great value and easy to work with.
Does everything I would want!
working fine. all the boxes are turned off. only 2 1/4" tubes to drip hoses are dripping 3 times a day to 2 trees. so IT'S ALL WORKING!
Always the best
Dripworks is my go to place for anything related to garden irrigation, the products are high quality at reasonable prices, staff is super helpful and shipping is fast
DripWorks Orders
I like the quality of the DripWorks products, but I am hesitant to place additional orders because of the high shipping charges.
1/2 pe tubing does the job
After many years of service, the above ground parts of my off-grid home and gardens irrigation system that were exposed to sunlight needed to be replaced. I relied on DripWorks for replacement tubing and fittings as I have for over 27 years for consistent quality and service.
ON time, no issues
These guys are the best, always on time and seem to always have adequate product on hand. Never had anything on back order.
Great Service
I have placed 5 orders for tubing and associated parts. Each order has been promptly filled and delivered.
1/2" Tubing
Works well with our gabion raised beds.
1/2" poly tubing
Does exactly what it's supposed to do if you follow all instructions for setting up drip line. Hardest part was unrolling it (manually). Everything else was easy.
1/2” poly pipe
Great tubing works just as expected.
Great tubing
I like the tubing, I've purchased it in the past and it works great.
Drip Irrigation
Everything I’ve purchased from drip works has been great! No issues and the ease of setup is wonderful.
Reliable and Not Frustrating
This tubing is great to use. It's reliable and not too difficult to use. I tried a different brand first and was near impossible for me to get the connectors attached due to massive inflexibility. Dripworks has been my go to ever since.
Works Well!
This is the only tubing that I have found which works with the 1/2 inch Quik Lock fittings. I have used this tubing exposed to FULL sun in AZ. After 6 years, it was still working well.
1/2"Mainline tubing
Good product. Works very well with the DripWorks fittings.
1/2" Poly Mainline Tubing
Great product. Easy to assemble a system with other DripWorks products. Great customer service. My go to irrigation supply company!!
Love my drip works drip system!!
My watering chores have dimished greatly my vegetable garden and flower beds are beautiful, thank you for the easy to assemble system!!
1/2" tubing
Good product
worked great
tubing was great for extending water to my bird baths
Rapid delivery
The tubing is tubing :), but I have to say that DripWorks shipping is great. I never have a missing item, and it gets here quickly. It is worth the shipping costs.
Poly tubing
Very easy to work with.
tough stuff
resists intense desert sunshine - occasional damage from burrowing moles and rabbits
Product arrive quickly & as advertised
1/2" Polyethylene Mainline Tubing
Excellent high quality product which is what we always get from DripWorks!
All Dripworks priducts
I have been using Dripworks for my garden irrigation for years. I take it appart and drain it before Winter and put it all together in the Spring. I still use hose and fittings I bought 10 years ago, but every season brings a new configuration our addition, and I always go back to DW for my new parts.
Fair prices. Prompt answer to questions. Great service. They must have shipped the same day. My order arrived very promptly. Will buy from them again.
Irrigation supplies
They have just what I needed for my garden
Still going
I started using DripWorks products in 1990 in our yard and this tubing is still working! Always go back to Dripworks when updating or changing our landscape.
Great product
Product is great to work with and is easy to use.
Greg A.
Not only the tubing but everything I have purchased has been top notch and I will continue shopping with you. I have received nothing for this review.
Fast delivery and exactly as described.
Patio watering system
Just what I needed. Now I can go on vacation confident that my plants will survive
Been buying and using this pipe for 15 years. It holds up great, no failures yet and pipe is not buried. Lasts even in our hot sun. Highly recommended. Bonus- fast shipping!
Works well
DripWorks tubing is more pliable and easier to work with than tubing bought at big box home center. This is my go-to tubing.
As expected. Fast Delivery
Great 1/2 inch hose
I like using this hose, it works well in my system, easy to use and not a struggle like other ones I've used. Glad I got the larger size because creates more options.
Patio garden irrigation
I have been using DripWorks irrigation system in my patio garden for the last 6 years. It makes having an Urban Oasis so much easier. Completely satisfied with all of the products.
Great products
I recently purchased tubing and fitting for my greenhouse. The products are of high quality and arrived quickly. I highly recommend Drip Works for your irrigation needs.
Half inch poly pipe
Great product would recommend to everyone
1/2” poly tubing
I use the 1/2” tubing for my main line and it works great.
1/2" Ploy Tube
Great product. Does exactly what I wanted.
Great base for any system
I have been converting all the irrigation in the vineyard and raised beds to this tubing. Great durability and versatility.
Great product!
I finally installed a drip irrigation system in my raised bed vegetable garden, and used the 1/2" mainline tubing between the beds. Easy to cut to size but strong enough not to kink or bend,works perfectly.
Drip Works
ABSOLUTELY LOVE this entire system. Using it in 30" raised beds and my plants are amazing. Superior product, will continue to use indefinitely. Thank You
This product has been working very well and the service from the company is superb.
Drip Line is Awesome
We installed this after talking about doing it for the past 2 years. We love it. While all our other friends are working in their gardens and worrying about when it will rain so they don't have to stand there watering....we are just watching ours grow. Wish we did this year's ago. Very easy to install and we have about 50 plants in our garden.
Mainline is Versitile
I've been buying 1/2" polyethylene mainline tubing from DripWorks. I find it can be used in many different ways. It has been the mainline header, but also served as a long, inexpensive watering hose, especially with faucet fittings on the ends. I punch holes in it to water (actually SOAK) long rows of sugar cane, instead of flood irrigation. When it's really "used up" (can't be repaired with "goof plugs"), then I still use it on the ground in front of gates to tell visitors how far back from the gate to stop so that the gate can still openin front of them. Long lasting. Many uses.
Just what I needed
Very good mainline tubing for my needs in a 1000+ ft garden.

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