1/2" Easy Loc Female Hose Start

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  • Pam C - May 7th 2022

    Brilliantly easy

    Stop struggling with compression fittings and the brute force method of ending a line (fold it over and cram it into a figure eight). No more caveman shoving and grunting - just screw it together! Easy to do and easy to drain or change. Brilliant!

  • Larry - Jun 10th 2021


    Always quality profucts

  • Nick - May 19th 2021

    Easiest way to make a connection.

    A must have if your making hose connections a real time saver.

  • DAVIS - May 19th 2021

    Always great products, service, and technical advice

    I've been a Dripworks customer for almost 30 years and am never been disappointed! Unfortunately the product that elicited the request for this review hasn't arrived yet, but I'm sure it'll work--I've installed dozens of them in the past!

  • Mayra - May 14th 2021

    Good product! Fast delivery

    Good quality

  • Peter G. - May 9th 2021

    so easy

    The easy lock are the very best and easy to assemble. Super fittings, can also take tubing off and reuse.

  • Patricia - May 5th 2021

    Must Have

    I set up an irrigation system two years ago and have added female hose ends as well as other end pieces as I have tweaked my set up. My flowers are gorgeous. I tell everyone about it.

  • Robert - Apr 23rd 2021

    Works perfectly.

    Exactly as described.

  • Kenneth - Apr 18th 2021

    New customer

    This is the first time I have installed an irrigation system on my garden boxes. The system works great and the company has been awesome to work with . I think I have had 4 orders now and they get the materials out ASAP.

  • Mark - Mar 1st 2021

    Great customer service

    I have made a number of purchases from Drip Works both by phone and on their web site. They have exceeded my expectations and I will continue to purchase from them.


This 1/2" Easy Loc Female Hose Start is used to connect 1/2" tubing to a faucet assembly or garden hose.

As their name implies, Easy Loc fittings are much easier to use than compression or barbed fittings.

To prevent damage to the female hose thread swivel, mainline tubing should be staked down at the first point of contact with the ground.

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