1/2" Easy Loc Female Hose Start

1/2" Easy Loc Female Hose Start

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This 1/2" Easy Loc Female Hose Start is used to connect 1/2" tubing to a faucet assembly or garden hose.

As their name implies, Easy Loc fittings are much easier to use than compression or barbed fittings.

To prevent damage to the female hose thread swivel, mainline tubing should be staked down at the first point of contact with the ground.

Customer Reviews

New customer
This is the first time I have installed an irrigation system on my garden boxes. The system works great and the company has been awesome to work with . I think I have had 4 orders now and they get the materials out ASAP.
Great customer service
I have made a number of purchases from Drip Works both by phone and on their web site. They have exceeded my expectations and I will continue to purchase from them.
Good value
Good source of drip irrigation expertise and supplies for home gardeners. Easy to deal with, fast shipping and fair prices.
Excellent selection and very prompt service. Thank you
These really are easy to use!
fast delivery and very easy to use excellent product.
1/2" Easy Loc Female Hose Start
good quality for when water pressure is a little higher it will hold the 1/2" tubing, and decent price.
Easy peasy
simple to use, works like a charm. first time drip setup for me. everything working liking a champ.
Easy Loc system is wonderful
Quite simply they are wonderful. In fact I really like the whole system. It fits together very securely and doesn't fall apart. The first sets of connectors purchased from a large big box store fell apart and started leaking after 2 years while the easy loc is still going strong after 4. The female hose starts are easy to connect, very secure, and are a lot easier to attach to hoses. I love them.
Just as described
A pleasure to deal with DripWorks - FAST shipping, good product- I can depend on this company for all my gardening needs.
Quick and easy!
The title says it all! works great.
Easy Loc work great
All of the Easy Loc parts are great to work with and make the job simple.
easy-loc super product
I find these very easy to setup, and can reuse easily. Ihave lots of them in use in my backyard garden.
Female hose starts
These parts are very easy to use and they seem to be a bit more robust with a tight connection.
Simple fixtures
Easy to install. Works great!
What an improvement
Having used other hose start parts in the past, where you just had to throw them away if you redid your system, it is a breath of fresh air to have one that you can remove. So far it's working great. I highly recommend this system. PS it only works with a slightly wider hose system, not the kind you get in a big box store.
Good solid construction
First I bought another brand that was quite flimsy and broke right away. This one looks like it will last.
I am a big fan of Dripworks and use the inline emitters for most of my irrigation needs.
Easy install
Appreciate the easy assembly of my new irrigation system.. - installation was a snap!
1/2" Easy Loc fittings are great
I now use the 1/2" Easy Loc fittings for all my drip irrigation set-up. They are superior to any other fitting available. Easy to install and remove as needed.
Great product
These loc-tite fittings are the next step towards irrigation install efficiency
DripWorks irrigation equipment frees up time.
I recently installed DripWorks drip line throughout my blueberry beds and what a difference it has already made. The water gets to the entire root system for each shrub resulting in bigger berries and more new growth than ever before. I definitely recommend their products.
Easy Loc
The Easy Loc series of hose fittings are very easy to connect to hoses. They can be reused if required. Much much easier to assemble hoses compared to the connectors where a hose must be jammed into, that are almost impossible to reuse. Easy Loc is an excellent value.
Very Happy
Works great and arrived very fast
Thank you.
It took customer service (Heather) to explain,(in detail), for me to install this item. It was so easy! Only I can complicate an iron ball. Thanks
Saved my hanging baskets
For the first time the flowers in my hanging baskets survived the summer thanks to the drip irrigation system I installed. The easiest plumbing I’ve ever done and the videos were very helpful
5 star review
Great parts and do a fine job.

Easy Loc Female Hose Start
I used two of these before using PVC with a hose adapter. They worked great. This application I will use a garden hose. I am sure it will work the same. Great product. Thanks
Easy Lock
I've never been displeased with a dripworks product.
Great start!
I have used lots of different products with drip irrigation, and the Easy Loc Female Hose Start is by far the best way to get from the faucet or hose to your main drip line supply tubing. Don't waste your time with inferior products!
1/2" Easy Loc Female Hose Start
Easy to use, durable, and reusable too. Here in New Mexico the plastic has held up to the strong sunshine for four years now and look like they will be around for a few more years at least.
Superb Customer Service
A small glitch with a previous order. Was handled fast and completely. Awesome Customer Service. We LOVE out Drip Works Irrigation system . We even added to it this year!
Dripline hose connect
works smoothly and seals well.
Works great
No issues. It fits right in and does not leak.
1/2" Easy Loc Female Hose Start
High quality material, will not break. Nothing like what you would find in a big box store.
Product works fine, but it is reverse-threaded
This product arrived with a reverse (left-hand) thread. This was unexpected, though not fatal. Just be advised.
Great product
I ordered a setup to have drip irrigation on my blackberries! The female hose start was easy to install and works flawlessly. Thanks for the great product!
Great way to insert pressure reducer into drip line
I bought pressure reducers to control my drip system and reduce pressure drop between different zones. The Easy Loc Female Hose start works great to make the connection.
excellent customer service!
Such a pleasure to work with!
Easy Loc Female Hose Start
They work Great! Makes quick work of adding a hose end.
The solution!
Drip irrigation is so much better than any other alternative--it has made my landscaping explode. The Easy Loc system is Truely EASY--any DYIer can do it.
Wow! It really was easy.

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