Hose-to-Pipe Adapter

Adaptation plays a key role in evolution, but it’s also crucial for humans coping with challenges in everyday life, including gardening and farming. DripWorks is here to help you adapt to your drip irrigation challenges with our big selection of hose-thread adapters and hose-pipe fittings. These simple, affordable products will help you and your plants not only survive but thrive.

When it comes to designing a drip irrigation system, folks often become confused about how to use fittings and components with dissimilar threads. Some fittings come with only pipe threads, while others have only hose threads. And some have both types of threads.

Confused? No worries! No matter what types of threads your fittings have, the hose-to-pipe adapters available at DripWorks can help you create secure, leak-free connections to let the water flow where it should.

Hose Pipe vs. Pipe Thread

A hose-to-pipe adapter lets you join incompatible threads. Remember to use thread-sealant tape or thread-sealant pipe dope on pipe threads to prevent leaks. A hose thread adapter will let you connect two hoses with like fittings — for instance, to connect two female hoses to each other or two male hoses to each other.

You can find all kinds of parts for connecting a hose pipe or pipe thread here. Materials include economical PVC and rugged brass.

Swivel and elbow adapters are available to meet added design challenges. Whether you are seeking a standard FHT thread on one end and an FPT on the other or searching for various sizes, styles and materials, our big selection of products will help you and your plants adapt to virtually any challenge.