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The DripWorks Foundation watering kit was designed as an easy way to apply even moisture to your foundation during the hot dry summers. During dry spells, moisture from the ground is eliminated and can cause your foundation to shrink and crack. Watering your foundation can help protect it by adding moisture back to the ground and greatly reducing the effects of shrinking soil. This base kit comes with 200' of emitter tubing and can water up to a 50' x 50' foundation or 2,500 square foot home. Additional fittings may be needed depending on the shape of your foundation.

Parts List:

  1. Hose thread Bluetooth timer (TGNLIDBT)
  2. Back flow device (FBFPP)
  3. Irritec hose thread filter 155 mesh (FYCH)
  4. Senninger 30 PSI regulator (PRSLHH30)
  5. 3’ high pressure hose extension (HPEX3)
  6. Hose the pipe adapter (AFHMP)
  7. 17mm barb by female pipe thread tee (TL075FTEE)
  8. 100’ rolls 17mm Netafim emitter tubing, 12’’ spacing (TLCV6-1201)
  9. 17mm figure 8 end fittings (TLFIG8)
  10. 100pk poly tubing hold downs (SUHD-100)

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