Senninger Low Flo Regulator (Hose Thread)

Senninger Low Flo Regulator (Hose Thread)

  • 12 PSI $12.95 PRSLHH12
  • 20 PSI $12.95 PRSLHH20
  • 30 PSI $12.95 PRSLHH30

This pressure regulator is ideal for low flow systems. Can thread on to any hose thread fitting. Similar to the Senninger Lawn & Garden Regulators (Hose Thread)but with a larger flow range. FHT x MHT.

Flow Range: .5-8GPM

PRSLHH12- Max inlet pressure 90 PSI

PRSLHH20- Max inlet pressure 100 PSI

PRSLHH30- Max inler pressure 110 PSI

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