Vacuum Breakers

Vacuum Breakers

  • Heavy Duty Plastic FHT x MHT $3.95 FBFPP
  • Solid Brass FHT x MHT $6.95 FBFP
  • Standard Plastic FHT x 3/4" MPT $2.95 FAVBP
  • Standard Plastic FHT x MHT $2.95 FAVBH

A vacuum breaker prevents contamination of your home water supply. Most cities require them at the start of any irrigation system whether or not fertilizer or chemicals are injected into the system. Vacuum breakers partially restrict water pressure and flow, and are not rated for use under constant pressure.

Note: Check locally for building codes and backflow requirements in your area.


  • Pressure Range: 0 - 100 PSI
  • Pressure Loss: At 8 gallons per minute (GPM) there is a 10 PSI loss
  • Not rated for constant pressure, install after automated timers or valves

Customer Reviews

get wet
They do what they're supposed to, but for 2c more plastic they could discharge down instead of out. The day I installed mine i got soaked chest and legs by two different ones. I have them installed on frost free hydrants and have been using hoses with various nozzles etc with a shutoff valve at the end. When I have hoses run uphill of the hydrant the hoses get vacuum suction as the water drains down into the hydrant ie ground. Assuming the hydrant valve is good there shouldn't be a contamination concern - but ...??? Anyway the key to not get wet is to leave something on, or relieve pressure via a y or manifold. When they relieve pressure it is quite a blast.

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