Top 5 Irrigation Products for Growing Outdoor Cannabis in 2024

Top 5 Irrigation Products for Growing Outdoor Cannabis in 2024

Nov 9th 2023

Irrigation is the most important thing to consider if you want to grow your cannabis plants healthy and strong. Cannabis plants need proper nutrition and water to grow, and we're responsible for providing them with the best nutrition and determining the best way of delivering it to them. Drip irrigation systems are the most effective method to irrigate outdoor marijuana gardens. These cost-effective systems save 30-50% of water usage, time, and energy. The drip system works with fertilizer injectors to provide soluble plant food through drip lines. This makes it simple to feed your cannabis garden effortlessly.

In this blog, we will explore why a drip system is the best irrigation option for cannabis plants and the top 5 irrigation products you'll need for growing outdoor cannabis in 2024. Let's get started!

Why Drip Irrigation is the Best Option to Irrigate Cannabis

Cannabis prefers a slow and consistent water delivery throughout its growth cycle. When it comes to uniform water delivery, extended product life, and little to no maintenance, a drip irrigation system is best. Cannabis is highly vulnerable to many diseases when its foliage gets wet. Therefore, drip irrigation is the leading irrigation option. The drip system delivers everything plants require to survive and thrive, including water, nutrients, and fertilizers. It provides water directly to plants' root zones in controlled amounts.

Irrigating cannabis with drip systems is fast and simple. It gives you better control over the quantity and quality of water plants receive and saves tons of water in the process. By setting up an automatic drip irrigation system for your marijuana crop, you can ensure each plant gets water no matter where you are.

Top 5 Irrigation Products for Growing Outdoor Cannabis in 2024

Here are the top 5 irrigation products essential for growing outdoor cannabis.

½" Emitter Tubing

Emitter tubing is the standard for most irrigation systems. The factory-made ½" emitter tubing has pressure-compensating emitters placed inside the tubing at even distances. The built-in emitters allow for constant flow rates regardless of pressure variations due to uneven terrain or long rows. This kind of tubing works well for long rows of uniformly spaced plants and can be circled around plants.

Many commercial growers run their ½" or ¾" pipeline past each plant or container and "T" off the mainline to circle each plant several times with emitter tubing. Moreover, other growers install straight lines of emitter tubing on either side of the plant's row to ensure every plant receives an even water supply.

Some features of ½" Emitter Tubing include:

  • Ideal for hilly terrain and long rows
  • The pressure range is 10-50 PSI
  • Significantly cuts down on installation time because emitters are built-in
  • Has the same diameter as a 1/2" mainline
  • Lasts five years or longer above ground and longer if mulched

Aqua-Traxx Drip Tape

Aqua-Traxx tape is a cost-effective tape for evenly distributing water over long rows. This drip tape features a unique emitter design that increases clog resistance and protects the tubing from debris. These features make it the perfect way to irrigate cannabis row plants and raised beds.

However, it is recommended to use a filter to get rid of any debris that may affect the performance of the drip irrigation system. Drip Tape requires low pressure, so a PSI regulator is highly suggested if your pressure is higher than 15 PSI.

Some features of Aqua-Traxx drip tape are:

  • Economical and effective watering method for long rows and raised beds
  • Lasts two to five years above ground and up to seven years if buried or mulched
  • Ideal for buried or mulched and above-ground application
  • Works well with low-pressure systems
  • Excellent uniformity and watering efficiency
  • Uses 5/8" tape fittings

¼" Soaker Dripline

Soaker Dripline is an economical and versatile way to water cannabis plants. This dripline tubing can be used anywhere. It is perfect to use for small to medium raised garden beds, and containers like Smart Pots. Its flexibility allows you to water several locations by winding the tubing through or around them.

The ¼" soaker dripline is reasonably flexible and works well in low-pressure and gravity systems. Please watch our Soaker Dripline video to see how to use and install it easily.

Some features of the ¼" Soaker Dripline include:

  • Low cost irrigation system
  • Works well with low-pressure systems, garden beds, and containers
  • The highest operating pressure is 30 PSI
  • Pre-installed drippers every 6", 9" or 12"
  • Uses common ¼" fittings

C-Frame Downspray Sprinklers

The C-Frame Downspray is a great option to uniformly water the plants while saving water and cash. Downspray sprinkler is a 360° spray jet that delivers a full circle spray pattern with a 45° down spray that effectively waters the root zone of a plant.

Growers use these sprayers to provide a full circle diameter spray pattern to their plants, which allows top dressing and nutrient irrigation in the growing season. The targeted watering of this spray emitter reduces runoff and avoids overspray, meaning efficient irrigation. This irrigation assembly comes with a sprinkler head set on a 12" wire stake with 36" supply tubing and pre-installed transfer barb.

Some features of C-Frame down spray sprinklers include:

  • 20" to 24" diameter and full circle spray pattern
  • Gentle spray reduces damage to sensitive cannabis plant foliage
  • Fine spray wets smoothly with little surface disturbance
  • Little maintenance, no moving parts
  • Shut off the clip to stop the water flow
  • UV-stabilized materials for extended durability

Pressure Compensating Shrubbler

The Shrubbler emitters are pressure compensating and are available on a stake. These emitters have gentle flow action with consistent coverage on the same supply tubing line.

They are great for spot irrigation and spraying water over a small soil surface. A range of variations are rated for direct irrigation of an area between 7-14 inches.

Some features of pressure compensating Shrubbler include:

  • Long-lasting and UV-stabilized
  • Non-adjustable flow rate
  • Have a colored cap for easy recognition
  • Cap can be removed for cleaning
  • The pressure range is 15-45 PSI

The Bottom Line

The drip irrigation system is an effective and economical way to water your cannabis plants while saving water, time, fertilizer, and energy costs. By providing excellent water control, these systems prevent under or over-watering that may affect the growth of your marijuana plants. Luckily, you won't have to spend hours monitoring and watering your plants manually. Most importantly, your cannabis plants will have better root health and optimal growth, leading to maximum yield and profitability.

At DripWorks, we carry complete, customized, and easy-to-assemble cannabis kits that will save you time and effort in assembling your drip irrigation system. Our Cannabis kits give you all you need in one package to properly water and fertilize your cannabis plants. We have a quality selection of irrigation products specifically designed for cannabis gardens.

If you need help planning a drip system for your outdoor cannabis, give us a call or email us. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will help you design the system per your needs and choose the right irrigation products for your crops.