C-Frame Downspray Assembly

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If you want to conserve water and cash, sprinkler spray patterns are something you should keep in mind. To water your container plants, the C-Frame Down-Spray Assembly from DripWorks offers a smart option.

C Sprayers deliver a full-circle spray pattern with a 45-degree downward slop that efficiently waters a plant's root zone. The targeted watering of this C-style spray emitter decreases runoff and prevents overspray. That means more efficient irrigation.

You can use this product for watering plants in any size of container. This assembly has a sprinkler head mounted on a 12" wire stake with 36" of supply tubing and a transfer barb pre-installed.


  • 20" diameter, full circle spray pattern
  • Fine spray wets evenly with minimal surface disturbance
  • UV Stabilized construction for long life
  • Shutoff clip to stop water flow
SKUColorGPH @ 10 PSIGPH @ 20 PSI
MADASBLK Black 4.8 GPH 7.2 GPH
MADASBLU Blue 7.2 GPH 10.5 GPH

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