C-Frame Downspray Assembly

C-Frame Downspray Assembly


If you want to conserve water and cash, sprinkler spray patterns are something you should keep in mind. To water your container plants, the C-Frame Down-Spray Assembly from DripWorks offers a smart option.

C Sprayers deliver a full-circle spray pattern with a 45-degree downward slop that efficiently waters a plant's root zone. The targeted watering of this C-style spray emitter decreases runoff and prevents overspray. That means more efficient irrigation.

You can use this product for watering plants in any size of container. This assembly has a sprinkler head mounted on a 12" wire stake with 36" of supply tubing and a transfer barb pre-installed.


  • 20" diameter, full circle spray pattern
  • Fine spray wets evenly with minimal surface disturbance
  • UV Stabilized construction for long life
  • Shutoff clip to stop water flow
SKUColorGPH @ 10 PSIGPH @ 20 PSI
MADASBLK Black 4.8 GPH 7.2 GPH
MADASBLU Blue 7.2 GPH 10.5 GPH

Customer Reviews

Purchased 1500 of these. They work great my only issues with them is the hose pinches easily when inserted in the pot and that a handfull of the sprayers did not function properly and where trashed.
C-Frame Downspray Assembly
I really like the convenience of the assembly. The only thing that could make it better would be to have adjustable flow.
My review of C-frame downspray assembly
I use these type of "drip" heads almost exclusively on my young trees, bushes, shrubs and even my garden plants. Why? They rarely clog up, I can see them work (see their spray versus the difficult drip...drip...drip), and they are easy to install. I can double up on them if I want more water on particular plants. An excellent product! bae
Perfect for large containers
Bought these mostly to use in large containers. They are just right for the job. Well made. Wish they had a way to adjust flow. Will try to work that out.
C-frame down spray
Great product for a drip line, cover a 360 degree area, easy to instal, and their quality product.
Amazing product
Downspray Emitters
I really like these sprayers. The design allows you to adjust the circle diameter, push them way down and the circle is very small. Conversely when they are out the circle is much larger. That allows more flexibility in watering different types of plants. For the bonsai plants I shortened the wire spike a bit with wire cutters allowing the sprayer to be close to the soil in a shallow dish. Used with a water timer these are the ticket.
One more thing, they have a way to turn them off, individually, very cool.
C frame down spray
It works well
love them great for small and large pots under pine trees to water ferns put on taller pole to water larger area got a bunch of them all over the place now.
Home Gardener
Excellent product, good price, professional service, prompt delivery! Thank you!
C-Frame Downspray Assembly
These are great little sprinklers. Easy to set up, affordable, and effective for container gardening.
downspray nirvana
The best sprinklers money can buy.
Love these for pots!
These are the best waterers for pots since they wet the entire dirt surface. This evenly wets the roots and allows dry fertilizers to be watered in. They also provide a misting for the plant's leaves. You can adjust the radius of water for different size pots by adjusting the height of the stake. I use them for ALL my pots from 6 inches to 2 feet!

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